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Is Ram A Serious Challenger To The Ford F-150?

Analysts are saying that Ram trucks are becoming a serious challenge to both the Ford F-150 and Chevy in the competitive and lucrative truck sector. Ram was once seen as an also-ran in the truck segment, but began to focus on tech and comfort more than torque and horsepower, and CNBC says that its ratings and sales have grown as a result.

Ram is still a far way behind in the segment. Ford has had the top-selling F-150 leading both truck sales and overall sales for decades. And while it’s far ahead of Ram and Chevy, some analysts say that the pressure Ram has put on Ford is going to be seen in the next generation of F-150 trucks that gains new tech inside, including a larger screen.

More competition from Ram and Chevy is a good thing for Ford F-150 fans as it will push Ford to innovate and give buyers new features and tech many will enjoy. Trucks long ago stopped being something that people bought exclusively for a specific purpose, and became a vehicle that many buy for luxury and style with no intentions of towing or working out of the truck.

Ram has done an excellent job of attracting that type of buyer. Ford is appealing to the same buyers with high-end variants of its trucks and SUVs, like the Limited and the King Ranch that can still work if needed. Analysts say that the pressure from Ram is one reason Ford and Chevy have redesigned their vehicles and added in more tech. Analysts also say that over the last decade, Ram has nearly tripled its sales and is taking market share away from rivals like Ford and Chevy. An all-new Ford F-150 is expected as a 2021 model.

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Source: CNBC

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Trucks_R_Us

    People seem to forget that the current generation F-150 was a game changer for its segment. In fact it is still the most technically advanced truck in its class. When this truck was introduced it had class exclusive tech like, 360 cameras, adaptive cruise control, active park assist, lane keep, trailer backing, aluminium body, turbo dohc engine, spot lights, panoramic roof and massaging seats. Thats not all, it had even more.

    1. Andrew

      People, first point Ford &Chevy are assembled for the most part in the US, But the parts are mostly from China,India. So stop with these trucks being so great??? Why do you think it takes 2 to 4 weeks for repairs at dealers, they have to wait for parts. These trucks are way behind Dodge, across the board Dodge is a way stronger, better ride ,better mileage and just all around a better truck.
      Chevy is falling way behind with there truck , a big grill dont make a truck, the interior of the GM trucks is 5/8 years behind the times. Ford drivability is just bad, and so many problems with there trucks, quality has went down by double digits. Ford and Chevy need to bring the engineering back to the US, that will ho a long way for both of them. The problem with all these people that talk they they no ,they truly dont even understand the process of Ford and Chevy.

      1. Trucks_R_Us

        Are you saying Ram trucks don’t have any problems? You can’t be serious, all of them do. How is Ram stronger when it tows less than GM or Ford? How is Ford way behind when current 5 vcv year old Ford is more technically advanced than the new Ram?

        1. Gary Kempf

          Well my 2016 average is 23 hi way at 65mph. I tow a 6500# trailer with ease. And with 52000 miles its been in the shop once and I didn’t have to wait 2 weeks,didn’t have to wait at all. Love the truck?

  2. gareth

    The only thing people seem to worry about is the size of infotainment screen that all that counts now.I hope that ford don’t go any bigger than the biggest you get in the mustang mach e.Telsa screens are just big and ugly and stupid idea to have everything through it.



    1. TS

      You DO realize that there are what they call “base models” which are not luxury vehicles for cowboy wannabes? They have crank windows, no PDL, no carpet, and believe it or not…genuine vinyl covering the seats. Ask to look at one at larger dealerships.

      1. GaryB

        not what he means. Simpler tech, as in no on board computers or other various electrical components that have no manual backup in case of failure. Yes crank windows actually is a good example of a simple reliable mechanism. There are so many little things that can fail on modern trucks and become a PITA to diagnose and fix. Requires a different skill set too. If you enjoy doing your own maintenance and repair on your vehicles, you need many more special tools and knowledge to keep doing that with modern tech.

    2. Trucks_R_Us

      They still are, you should check out a Ford XL.

  4. trailhiker

    Trucks are now the luxury coupe of the 70’s. Optioned out, they are very expensive and have all the features you could hope for. Competition is the reason this is happening, and why it will continue, which is a good thing.
    The great news is that you can still buy a base model with little content for a very reasonable price, if you just need a truck for doing trucky things.

  5. Dave Suton

    I think all three of Detroit’s automakers build great trucks. I partial to HD Ram, but I’d take a GMC or Ford any day of the week. What is the joke are Japanese trucks. I would think by now they would just give up. None are anything but posure vehicles

    1. Adithya Ramachandran

      Ford leads in the North American Truck market, but worldwide, Hilux takes the cake. Toyota trucks have been proven to handle very harsh environments in 3rd world countries, so I would not call them posers. I saw many of them still running well in Patagonia, where most engines struggle to make output torque due to altitude. Ford comes close with the Ranger, but they should improve reliability to sell more than the Hilux worldwide.

      1. Ford Fan

        But the Hilux is not available in NA.



  7. NoneYaBusiness

    Ford is crap and made in Mexico, Chevy is crap and made mostly in China!!! Dodge is the only true American Made Truck, yes the cars and SUVs were designed in Germany but the pickup trucks themselves are built and designed in America only. I wouldn’t touch a Chevy period or a F***ked over rebuilt dodge either for that matter. Ford and Chevy both suck in power, torque and in design that’s why they copied Dodge in the first place….. do your correct research before debunking Dodge period!!! I’ve owned Ford before under hood and doors and engine parts they say MADE IN MEXICO, Chevy says MADE IN CHINA….. If you look under everything on a new or old Dodge it clearly says MADE IN AMERICA!!!!


      RAM is assembled in mexico, F-150 is assembled in america using 97% american made parts, GM in Canada with 70% american parts. RAM barely complies with NAFTA. RAM is decades behind both chevy and Ford and chevy is a decade behind ford. RAM’s are garbage. I used to import these things so i needed to know all these things, RAM is the least “american” truck. Drives like garbage too. Ive done my research, your research is 20 years old and needs to be updated.


    Most Original Parts Arranged Ridiculously MOPAR. They will always be 3rd place. Couple of my friends work for Dodge and they a lot of the same complaints as everyone else. USA quality is very low. Ford F-150 is American built Some engines are from here some are from Canada or Mexico. Overall the big three are very bad right now. They better get their acts straight or it could be curtains for them all. Could not let you go without a rebuttal from a Ford guy. No hard feelings. Have a nice Thanksgiving.


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