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Mustang Mach-E Pickup Rendering Looks Great

Many Mustang fans are upset with Ford overbuilding the Mach-E and putting the Mustang name on it. Those against anything other than the two-door sports car being in the Mustang line may not see the cool in the renderings here of the Mustang Mach-E pickup.

Essentially the vehicle looks a lot like the Ranger in proportions with the Mustang Mach-E front end grafted on. We think it looks pretty good, and if you are going to have the four-door SUV in the Mustang line, the truck is cooler than the SUV.

We see Ranger, as mentioned in this design, but we see a bit of the Raptor as well with the bulging fenders and vent at the back of the front fender. These renderings are from a designer out of Russia called Aksyonov Nikita, and he makes very cool renderings.

To our eyes, the renderings show a mid-size truck that looks better than the existing Ranger. We wouldn’t mind seeing the renderings end up as the next-gen Ranger complete with a battery-electric version. The Mach-E can be reserved now, and currently, we don’t know what sort of demand there has been.

We do know that Ford production is limited to 50,000 Mach-E EVs the first year due to the availability of the battery pack. Ford has a making-of video that looks behind the scenes of the process that went into making and naming the Mach-E. It’s an interesting video with Bill Ford admitting he was against the Mach-E being called the Mustang, at first. We think the Mach-E is a cool EV, but it would have been just as cool if it didn’t wear the Mustang name, and Mustang fans wouldn’t be so upset.

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Source: Behance

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. George S

    Ford is trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat to get sales using the Mustang name plate. This got to be a joke.

  2. John

    Gross. Trying to ruin the F-150 as well as the Mustang. I think Ford needs to stick with what works for the F-150., if THAT fails, Ford is DONE.

  3. gareth

    I think the mustang mach E was a choice to use the mustang name and the style in that design idea is stunning and it makes it stand out to me but this is looks just to much like a ranger With a slighty different bumper to stand out so no.
    But put some the design on a new ranger and keep with ford badges and ranger writing on the grill.

  4. gareth

    I do hope they do bring out a electric ranger as most places they sell it in do only short enough runs that most sititions a range of 200 miles would be ideal

  5. Chris Reynard

    I’m with you on your last sentence. Take the pony off the Mach-E and a LOT more folks would be happier about Ford’s new line of vehicles.

    1. vbondjr1

      I’m not really a fan of the Mach-E being named the Mustang, but I don’t necessarily mind a “Mustang family of vehicles” so to speak. What Ford should do is a coupe, a gran-coupe and a crossover, like what BMW has with the X6M. That along with the Explorer and put all of them on the CD6 chassis, Ford would be fine. Im okay with Ford having the Mach-E in the lineup as just the Mach-E, that along with the C-Max is fine and yes an electric ranger and electric F150 are probably great ideas, but there should be a gas Ranger (several gas rangers) and gas powered F150s as well. I’m honestly waiting to see what the new Bronco and the new Ranger look like. Would also like to see a 450hp Explorer RS running around as well as a new F150 Lighting and F150 Tremor street truck duo. Ford has a lot of different things that it could be doing right now and I’m not sure why they wont. Honestly it baffles my mind as to the dumb things that they’re doing when it could all be so simple.

  6. P@

    I’m all in for an EV truck, be it Ranger or F series. But Mustang and truck is a back mix!

  7. Mike

    Why not, if you’re going to butcher the name, might as well go all out and screw everything up.

  8. Adithya Ramachandran

    A truck with Mustang taillights would be a hot mess. Use the F150 design language for trucks, not Mustang.

  9. Curt

    Make it the Ford “Power” Ranger. Shockingly Powerful.


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