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Mustang Mach-E Puts Pressure On Chevy To Make A Corvette SUV

Many Mustang fans aren’t happy that the Mach-E wears the Mustang name and pony emblem. Despite how some fans feel, the Mach-E is a compelling EV, and it certainly looks better than most of the EVs on the market. One analyst is now saying that the Mach-E is putting pressure on Chevrolet to create a Corvette SUV.

Analyst Adam Jones from Morgan Stanley says that he thinks a Corvette sub-brand would be worth $7 billion to $12 billion for Chevrolet. Jonas also thinks the mid-engine Corvette that is on its way could “halo a sub-brand that hatches” an all-electric Corvette SUV. That EV could increase Corvette volume five-fold, says Jonas.

Corvette fans likely feel as unhappy at the thought of a Corvette SUV as Mustang fans feel about the Mustang Mach-E right now. A five-fold increase in Corvette shipments would mean a volume of 80,000 units by mid-2020. Sports cars are like trucks and drive higher profits than basic cars, and profits are something GM needs now. Jonas feels that Corvette is “undervalued and underappreciated by the market,” and he says the money from a Corvette sub-brand could help fund Chevy’s move to EVs.

GM didn’t outright kill the idea of a Corvette sub-brand saying it was flattered by the attention. GM CEO Mary Barra and other GM execs have said they don’t want to talk about the future. However, Barra has said that the company recognizes the “strength of the Corvette Brand.”

Corvette would be in good company with a Corvette SUV, and not only with the Mach-E. Porsche has sold the Cayenne since 2002 and has the Macan, which are massive sellers for the sports car company accounting for 62 percent of its sales through October of 2019. Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, and Maserati all have SUVs.

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Source: CNBC

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Randal

    Count me in as outraged by this hideous mutation of Mustang. The only Ford muscle car, now a cargo carrier? Mach-Error. There is no sanity left in the automotive world. I will shudder the next time I get in my manual shift GT.

  2. GTBaller

    I think it’s a bold step in the right direction for Ford and the Mustang brand. I own a 2010 GT and I love the Mustang brand, but I’m excited about adding a Ford Mach-E GT to my stable.

  3. gareth

    Sorry to disagree but this a beautiful interitation of the mustang and for people that have a family so need the practicaly or live in country’s where petrol is no where as cheap as in America(I live in the uk and own a focus RS mark two so I know what haveing a big petol engine costs to run petrol and tax) this is a brilliant mustang(ford will no dout make a electric 2 door mustang for the purists and those who what 2 door).I love petrol mustangs my self but I love the fact ford are giveing more people a chance to sample that mustang ora.

  4. GaryB

    “Mustang Mach-E Puts Pressure On Chevy To Make A Corvette SUV” – But … does it reeeeally? An electric corvette? – a probably. an electric corvette … SUV? – outrageous

  5. Vince

    The mustang started off as a two door they should’ve Kept it as a two door instead of the five door thing yeah it’s a nice looking yeah mustang should’ve stayed the way it was and the mock one which they use the mock one name should’ve stayed as a mock one

  6. Mike

    The people that like this thing and it’s name, aren’t car guys and definitely aren’t Mustang enthusiasts. You can like this appliance, that’s fine, but calling it a Mustang and a Mach is pathetic at best. At worst it’s a total slap in the face to Mustang people. The same people that have kept the Mustang alive when Ford was going to use the Probe to replace it. Back when Ford had car guys running Ford. I bet The last CEO got pushed out because he wouldn’t do this. As much as I don’t care for GM, I hope they don’t Butcher the Corvette like Ford did the Mustang.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      GM should convert the new Blazer into a sports SUV, but not as a Corvette sub-model. The “Camaro” SUV sound better.


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