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New Ford F-150 EV Details Surface Post Mach-E Launch

We’ve known for a while that Ford has electrified versions of the F-150 pickup in the works, including a Ford F-150 EV and an F-150 hybrid. We’ve seen a prototype Ford F-150 EV already last summer when it pulled several train cars. Last weekend the Ford Mustang Mach-E debuted, and after that launch, some new details on the F-150 EV have surfaced.

Ford’s global product director of electric vehicles, Darren Palmer, told Fox News that the F-150 EV would use the same battery technology as the Mach-E. The recently ratified Ford UAW contract also revealed that the hybrid and electric F-150 pickups would be built exclusively at the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant along with conventional trucks. The Kansas City Assembly Plant will also make additional Ford F-150 models.

Other tidbits gleaned from the Ford UAW contract include that new versions of the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator are in the works and will feature hybrid versions. The Expedition and the Navigator are near twins and have much in common with the Ford F-150. Those new SUVs are no surprise considering the new F-150 is coming.

One interesting tidbit that makes us hope we see powerful hybrid drivelines in Ford vehicle is that the chief engineer for the Lincoln Aviator told Fox News Autos last year that it would make sense that the Aviator hybrid powertrain would wind up in other models in the future. That powertrain makes 494 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque. If Ford crammed that same powertrain into its best-selling Ford F-150 trucks, you can bet lots of truck fans would pay attention to hybrid power.

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Source: Fox News Autos

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Ryan

    I can see the hybrid making some sense, I still struggle with seeing how the full EV will make sense with current battery technology, with the aroedynamics of an F150 and pulling a trailer, its gonna have such a short range. I think it makes more sense on the upcoming Courier, but Ford doesn’t make too many mistakes on trucks so we shall see. Maybe I’ll be surprised

  2. Richard Hinsley

    We don’t have the charging systems in place to support EV’s on a mass scale. Sure the wealthy can setup easily but can you imagine a large apartment complex with the need for 2 chargers per unit.

  3. George S

    I’ve said before, a F150 EV will be loved by all city municipality truck fleets. Municipalities asking for truck bids, Chevy and Dodge won’t have a chance at this time and it has been proven time and time again, those first to the market is the winner.

    A Hybird F150 just may make me trade over from my Silverado to a F150 and as Dodge had done, Ford wants to win over other brand owners and maintained their current customer base. At least the EV truck won’t need the ten speed transmission.

    1. TS

      What would prevent a ten speed transmission from being installed in ANY EV?

      1. Ryan

        Nothing, just isn’t needed

  4. John K

    I am in the fleet business for PFC Brakes. Covering 12 western states. I call on both large and small cities and counties among other types of large fleets.
    Make no mistake, this would be huge for a large city or construction company. The larger law enforcement fleets I deal with have already order the Ford Hybrid Interceptor as it will save them huge $$ in fuel costs. Police cars idle 50% of the time.
    Just stop by any donut shop! Having a Hybrid F-150 will also provide huge fuel savings.

  5. Kerry

    I don’t think a regular truck owners are going to jump in to buying a EV TRUCK so quickly, we will have to see as the towing factor will be an issue, Taking my family on vacation in a trailer, going to Florida and such.
    I do think EV cars are here to stay, but that will take time, I seen a charging station for sale at Costco the other day. Better sell the Mobil stock LOL.
    I do like cars in general and really like sport cars, I like a nice looking interior specifically the dash design the more gauges the better…give me old school analog. The ungodly huge, touch screens are truly the ugliest things I have ever seen, does the car really need this… probably saves the manufactures money but makes me want to grab it with both hands and tear it off the dash. Guess i’m a grease monkey at heart.

  6. gareth

    A screen up to a certain size postioned probably I don’t mind as long as the driver information is in front of the driver and the screen is easy and simply to use.Telsa and now other manufacures are makeing it more and more complicated sending everything through one screen.Ford do it right.


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