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Official Gone In 60 Seconds Eleanor Replicas Start At $199,995

There have been several replicas of the 1967 Ford Mustang dubbed Eleanor that was used in the 2000 Nick Cage version of “Gone in 60 Seconds”. The thing all those past replicas had in common was that they were all unlicensed reproductions. Carroll Shelby lost a suit against the company that holds the trademark on the vehicle for creating unlicensed replicas of the car.

Fans of the movie with deep pockets can get their own officially licensed version of one of the most copied 1967 Ford Mustangs ever made with Brand New Muscle Car out of Tulsa, Oklahoma building, and selling officially licensed Eleanor replicas. Production of the Eleanor replicas has already started, and the price begins at $199,995. For the money, buyers get a reproduction of the GT500-style Mustang that was used in the film.

The cars are hand-built by pros after meticulous rotisserie restorations. Some options will drive the price even higher. The car can be had with a 550 horsepower 427 cubic-inch Ford Racing crate motor or a modern 5.0-liter Coyote V8. Buyers can also opt for either 4-speed or 6-speed manual transmission, and an automatic is optional. The shifter naturally has the “Go Baby Go” button on it that activates the NOS nitrous oxide bottle in the trunk.

For those wanting all the power they can have, a supercharger is an option along with fuel injection and AC. Folks across the pond can get one in right-hand-drive. The Pepper Gray color from the film is available, but the car can be painted any hue the buyer wants. If you are going to pay this much for an Eleanor replica, we can’t imagine painting it any color other than Pepper Gray with black stripes.

Officially licensed Eleanor replicas are now available, starting at nearly $200,000 with engine options and right-hand-drive configurations available. One of 11 cars built for the movie went up for sale in September.

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