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PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor Conversion Uses OEM Panels

Ford Ranger fans aren’t happy that Ford is only offering the Ford Ranger Raptor truck in Europe and other markets outside the United States. With no plans for the Ranger Raptor to come to the States as a production model, PaxPower has taken it on itself to create the car that Ford won’t. The PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor conversion started as a run-of-the-mill Ford Ranger Lariat FX4.

The stock truck was converted using OEM panels from Europe, which fit perfectly because the cabs of the truck are the same everywhere the Ford Ranger is sold. All other body parts on the truck had to be changed out, including the entire front clip, and the bed was rebuilt. The only part of the front or rear sections of the truck to make it through the transformation untouched were the stock Lariat LED headlights.

After all the modifications were done on the body of the truck, the entire ride was repainted from its stock black paint to Ford Blue Jean Metallic, a color not offered on the Ranger anywhere it’s sold. Rather than swap over the suspension parts from a Ranger Raptor, the PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor Conversion received BajaKits longer and stronger upper and lower control arms, which widened the track width by five inches, and improved suspension travel. Shocks are King 2.5-inch units.

The front bumper was replaced with an Addictive Desert Designs unit that had to be custom made to fit the Ranger Raptor conversion front-end. The wheels that the truck rolls on are Icon 17-inch units with a bead lock ring painted to match the body. PaxPower says that details on the conversion will be coming later, but gives up a little information.

The truck has a recalibrated ECU to make about 350 horsepower. Completed trucks will start well into Ford F-150 Raptor price range with a converted Ranger Raptor selling for around $65,000. PaxPower says the high price comes from having to get the body panels from across the globe. PaxPower builds a second-gen F-150 Raptor that has a supercharged V8.

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  1. Herman

    At that price Im buying an F150 Raptor


    It would be a real Raptor but only if it had the 3.5 liter V6 twin turbo from the F-150 pickup. It has 470 pounds feet of torque. Actually to save money, a slightly lower torque ( 450 lbs feet ) used version from the large Ford SUV’s, from a crashed vehicle would save another few thousand and still be a serious hot rod. If i was to build one, i would put offroad very long, double shocks on each corner, more for looks, but available in case i want to rob a bank and make a fast getaway over a couple of curbs or medians, on the way to my hideout…….LOL. Of course i would run very high 105 octane propane, with a very large 150 liter (39 U.S. gallons ) propane tank. The gasoline system will remain in place, so it will be a dual-fuel engine. With 105 octane propane the engine will put out another 6 to 9 percent more torque, or 498 to 512 foot pounds of torque. Maybe a couple of wheelie bars to scare off the pretenders…..LOL. To spend serious money, i also would stroke the crank to get more HP and even more low end torque, ending up with about 550 foot pounds. With all that torque, a hotter cam will be perfect, for more HP. OK guys, you talked me into it. If anyone finds a Ranger with front end body damage, contact me. I’ll ship the body parts over to build a serious Ranger Raptor. I would not buy any used 3.5 twin turbo engine with more than 25,000 miles on it, so it can be resold as a decent running truck when finished. On one condition, we let the various propane associations in the U.S. and Canada promote the propane Ranger Raptor at a couple of trade shows. Hot Rod magazine would also like to drive it for a day or two. So, girls and guys, what do you think? I’ll send you the pics i posted at this site of the foreign pretend Ranger Raptor i saw last year overseas with the Raptor hood and fenders and big offroad tires. It was a 2017 extended cab model, but had a 4 cylinder turbo diesel….all show and no go…..LOL.

  3. Ian

    a ranger raptor would be a huge waste of money, with either a 2.7 or 3.5l cost would skyrocket it to well over $60k. the simple reason the ranger was ne brought here after the redesign. buy a ranger or spend an extra 4-5k and get an f150 . it is a niche market at best .


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