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Shelby Electric Bike Is Speedy And Cool


The name Carroll Shelby may be one that is familiar to Ford fans, racers and Mustang lovers, but it’s not a name familiar to all. The film set to debut this month called “Ford v Ferrari” is one that fans should enjoy and will bring the Shelby name to the lips of more people. To capitalize on this new fame, a bicycle company called Vintage Electric has released a new Shelby electric bike.

The company makes six electric bike models starting with the entry-level Cafe that starts at $3,995. That electric bike can go 60 miles on a single charge at up to 28 mph. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Shelby electric bike that is licensed through Carroll Shelby American. This bike costs $7,249 and is painted in the vintage blue that is one of the most iconic Shelby Cobra colors.

The Shelby bike sits at the top of the Vintage electric range with a 48V battery that holds 1.1 kWh of juice. That is a very large battery pack for an e-bike. The bike has a top speed of 36 mph and can go up to 75 miles per charge. It features a hydroformed aluminum frame and MRP inverted front fork with 2.5-inches of travel. The bike is listed as a hardtail, meaning it has no rear suspension.

Other features include an LED headlight and taillight. As for the blue paint we mentioned before, it is said to be the “exact” metallic N6 paint scheme as Carroll Shelby’s own 289 Cobra. The bike has front and rear disk brakes. It looks more like a vintage cruiser than a high-performance machine to us.

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Source: Autoweek


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  1. Jaz

    That is one cool looking bike. Like the specs. Comparing it to the Delfast ebikes which look like more like mopeds and has an amazing range the Shelby looks like a sexy bike that means business and still gives great range

  2. Francois

    Yet again, the writer doesn’t get it. It looks like an old school board racer motorcycle. The perfect mix of vintage looks and period high performance, like an old Cobra… I seriously dig the bike too, BTW.


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