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Some Lincoln Aviator SUVs Are Being Repurchased By Lincoln

Ford has had massive issues with the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. The automaker was shipping the SUVs from the Chicago assembly plant to Dearborn to have workers repair them. Despite that approach, there have been several Aviators make it into the wild with significant issues.

Some owners of the Lincoln Aviator have had their vehicles replaced or purchased by Lincoln. One of the former owners who had their vehicle repurchased by Lincoln was Laurel Spencer, a woman who started to have major troubles with her Aviator within 48 hours of buying it. Ten weeks later, Lincoln repurchased her troublesome Aviator, and she has a new one. She says that Lincoln showed “a tremendous amount of responsiveness” and that her issue is resolved.

Another buyer is Bette Bogdan, who has been pleading with Lincoln to fix the issues she has with her Aviator. She says that the Aviator was “like a demon” with sudden stops while she was backing up and rearview mirrors flapping like wings. Bogdan isn’t sure she wants an Aviator any more. Lincoln has notified her that they will repurchase or replace her vehicle.

However, she isn’t sure she wants another Aviator. The woman says that perhaps they will replace it with a Continental or let her buy a Ford. Other issues are still surfacing with one owner noting when his Aviator was in the shop for repairs, the loaner Aviator he was given showed signs of leaks with a damp interior. Another Aviator owner claims that the car accelerated at full throttle and wouldn’t go into park. The owners complain that the dealer is saying the Aviator is ready to be picked up, but they are afraid to drive it. Ford has admitted to issues with the Chicago Assembly Plant, where the Aviator and Explorer are built.

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Source: Free Press

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. CrabbyMilton

    They get all of the blasting they deserve. The only thing I can think of is that they hired some of the same people that helped design the BOEING 787 given what a lemon that thing is too. Such a beautiful car too. Haven’t really heard of any major problems with the CONTINENTAL but that’s the one they want to discontinue.

    1. Andrew Christian

      Oh c’mon man, you’re being unreasonable. The Continental was based on the CD4 platform, one Ford had used for years at this point without any major advances in tech or engineering, save for the new suspension.

      The Aviator is an all new vehicle, based on an all-new platform, with all new electronics. Remember when the Chevy Corvette Z06 engines had catastrophic failures? That doesn’t mean you stop production and waste the hundreds of millions of dollars fixing a few vehicles. You fix em, or buy em back, adjust the production line, and move on with your investment.

      Also, blame canceling the Continental on lack of buyers. They only sold 2000 Continentals last quarter, did you buy one? If not……..

    2. Raymond Ramirez

      The problems with the Boeing 787 (which was NEVER a lemon) was the lithium batteries made in Japan (parts of the plane uses Japanese assembly). Using 787 designers does not mean that the Aviator problems were caused by those designers. The Explorer is having similar problems so that means the local assembly is the cause. The Continental is assembled at a different plant.

  2. CrabbyMilton

    Perhaps that’s part of the problem. Change and different different and change. Like I said, stick with what works and make sure the new components are going to work first. Makes them look rather stupid and P.O. customers who expected and should demand better. Yes we can’t argue with the market and no I don’t own a CONTINENTAL. I keep hoping they’ll be a sedan similar to it when the time comes. Other builders don’t seem to have a problem with sedans. They pulled that on me with the TAURUS too. As long as my ’04 GRAND MARQUIS keeps running like a Swiss watch, I’ll hang on to it and just buy whatever sedan comes close when the time comes. The TOYOTA AVALON and CHRYSLER 300 are at the top of the sedan candidates at this time.

  3. Andrew

    They should have just built them in Oakville, a plant that has a history of excellence!!!

  4. angel M hill

    I have a aviator have had it for three months haven’t been nothing but issues after issues am getting sick and tired of this dont push something out that isnt what you said it was I’m no longer a Lincoln fan

  5. John repatulto


  6. Crabbymilton

    What difference does it make where they build the things? It’s still FORD’s responsibility to make sure it’s right.
    Same with suppliers, I don’t care if the parts come from Mars it’s still on FORD or BOEING to stand behind it. I’m a build it here guy but the masses don’t seem to care where it comes from but just so long as it works. Seems reasonable to me.

    1. vic1212

      So the XT6 isn’t such a bad vehicle overall like people blasted lol

  7. Ken Lichtig

    Never purchase an all new or redesigned model. Their first year of production with Ford vehicles had/have massive issues with their quality control.

  8. Materialman

    I was considering test driving an Aviator until I read these stories. This would have replaced my wife’s Lexus. She is in her 4th one. We have had no issues with any of them. I would prefer she drive a Lincoln, but if we had bought one and had these issues, after having such good service with Lexus, I would be getting a lot of grief about it. These issues just can’t happen in today’s market.

    1. Ken Lichtig

      Your wife is on her 4th Lexus . You have had no issues with any of them. YOU would prefer she drive a Lincoln.

      WHY after having such good service with Lexus ? You wrote “These issues just can’t happen in today’s market”.

      With Ford having massive issues with new product lines–IIHS webpage. Stay with Lexus!!

      1. Materialman

        Ken I would prefer she drive a Lincoln because Ford is an American company. As I stated, if she had a bunch of issues with a Lincoln after the good service she has had with Lexus, she would not be happy and therefore I would not be happy either. Can’t chance it.

      2. Rob

        We love our Continental!Period.
        I looked at every luxury sedan made. Drove most too. Have had Mercedes, BMW, Cads, Infiniti, Including a 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV.
        Possibly the Mercedes S550, I had a 2014 and loved it, but 120k? Sorry.
        The new Continental was the obvious choice for us. Everything we wanted plus more at a price of a BMW loaded 3 series or a very little Mercedes.
        We were treated like royalty by our dealership. It’s for my wife and possibly our grandkids by the way they’re calling wanting her to pick them up for school lately. Massage seats seem part of the reason.
        Thank you My Lincoln Dealer in Santa Ana, CA.

  9. Steve

    An Admiral I worked for had a rule, “ never make too many simultaneous inventions “. Yeah, it’s neat to have a new design with lots of bells and whistles BUT, don’t violate the too many simultaneous inventions rule. That’s why I never buy an all brand new anything.

    I’m a mechanical engineer and, while I have great respect for my fellow engineers I have seen too many instances of management deciding to produce something the design or marketing folks want in spite of the engineers wanting to polish the product longer.

    1. CrabbyMilton

      If I was his commanding officer, I would have worked to get him another star just for having that much common sense. It’s so lacking nowadays given change just for the heck of it.

    2. vic1212

      I do agree with you Steve. However, I do believe that you can buy a brand new vehicle but buy the ones that already came out for a few years and have the kinks worked out. I too am a mechanical engineer, but I do believe that to buy a new vehicle that has came out for a few years as pretty much the kinks have worked out. If I was to buy an Aviator, I rather just go buy the Cadillac XT6 as the platform itself has already came out for a few years already and the kinks of the electrics and other stuff have already worked out on it.

  10. David Bradley White

    Blaming on Chicago Assembly Plant is a smoke stream. It’s multiple basic design issues. Design.
    Not Assembly. One HUGE issue today is the lack of proven, old fashioned real world testing and DVPR. This real world driving testing, as opposed to today’s computer sims, ferrets out 99% of these issues. That’s what last minute design changes are all about. Saving $1 is costing Ford $millions on this Explorer launch. I don’t work for Ford, so this is an educated guess.

  11. James

    Of course the new technologies and lack of sufficient R&D before a premature roll out are ultimately to blame, but the logistical factor of where the vehicles were made is not irrelevant. I’m from Chicago, moved away, and came back with a worldly perspective of a place where people pretty much suck. Couple that with how lazy the Millennials are when it comes to manual labor (or working in general) and you have a new plant of 20 somethings that certainly don’t give a **** about pride in making a luxury car they can’t afford.

  12. Crabbymilton

    With attitudes like that, you can’t have much sympathy if the plant would close because of sloppy work.

  13. Tim

    I bought a used 2016 Lincoln MKX with low mileage and was ticketed pink. The first big rain got all four floor boards wet, and the spare tire area in back flooded. Luckily still under warranty. After 3 weeks in the dealership. now it’s back in my driveway. Awaiting next big rain with apprehension. Had a 2002 continental that was a great car. Wish I still had it.

  14. Tony Bennett

    I bought a new Continental when they first came out in 2017. I have never had a new car with more problems. The fit and finish was awful, with bubbles in the chrome, and trim pieces falling off. Lincoln used to be the luxury standard, but my next car will be a Cadillac.


    Interesting information shared above. I am a connoisseur of Lincolns and Cadillacs from birth. My parents acquired new showroom cars yearly and never experienced, from my knowledge, what is mechanically describe above. A week ago today I purchased a 2004 Aviator Lincoln and I LOVE IT? I pray not to experience such catastrophic issues. Thanks for insights and Wish US all well

  16. James

    I had a 2014 Lincoln mkz omg the car had 02200 miles on it every thing went wrong on the car from the computer to under carriage to struts shocks . Kept bringing back to Lincoln for them to tell get rid of it. You just have purchase a bad one omg I was so piss off with them. I purchase a 14 Lincoln mks only 01800 on it best riding car no issue with it and Lincoln dealership says to me that’s one of the best cars they made . We never have issues with the mks thank god.

  17. Chris

    I am approaching 120K miles on my 2015 Lincoln MKZ Reserve and could not be happier. Flawless performance, Zero repairs, ride quality and technology designed to be EASY to use are reasons I will definitely purchase another Lincoln. After owning and driving many high end vehicles from Cadillac, Audi, Infinity and Lexus I kept coming back to Lincoln for the overall value.

  18. John Coovert

    I have a 2010 Lincoln MKX with 130,000 miles. It’s easily the best car I’ve ever owned. Great seats, great ride, articulated headlights, fantastic sound system, heated and cooled front seats, very easy to drive. All systems still work fine except power lift gate. It has a mind of its own …… some times workes/ some times not. Would really like to buy a new one, but probably won’t. Their entry level engine is under powered and the higher HP engine is only available with AWD which I don’t want or need. Interesting that the Aviator entry engine has plenty of power (400 HP) with either RWD or AWD.

  19. Bob Dick

    We bought an aviator in September
    One problem after another
    Side view mirrors loose, rear camera not
    Working, alarm about head lights not
    Working when they were and now seatbelt
    Warning noice stopped working.
    Been in shop 4 times now going on 5.
    Weeks to fix camera as they replaced 2 parts
    Before figuring out the software needed reprogramming.
    Lincoln denied request for “lemon” and wouldn’t say
    Why. Switched from Lexus after 15 years of no

  20. crankypaul






  21. vic1212

    After reading this it seems like the “cheap” XT6 is a better vehicle overall lol

  22. Steve Hoff

    You could be jumping out of the pan into the fire. I had a Cadillac DTS. The fit and finish and general quality was horrible. Speaking of fire though I have an Aviator on order and I sure hope they have worked out some of the 2020 bugs for the 2021!!!

  23. Dan

    These issues are still happening. My 2021 Aviator has been in the shop three times now. Lots of rattles, broken fuel gauge and the most recent 4 wheel drive fault. This is an awful vehicle.


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