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Tesla Cybertruck Has No Chance In Truck Country

After teasing and taunting Ford and other truck makers for months about the Tesla Cybertruck, the truck has been unvieled. It’s cool in a way, but it’s not a design that most truck buyers are likely to be interested in. It’s more a lifestyle vehicle trying to lure buyers wanting something quirky and cool that a real truck meant to sell to the masses. Tesla may be the first to market, but the fully electric Ford F-150 will have the looks that most truck buyers want if they are thinking about going electric.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a very angular design and takes a page out of the DeLorean playbook using exposed stainless steel that Tesla calls the exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is made from ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless-steel structure and has Tesla armor glass. It should be a durable ride. Tesla says that the hardened exterior panels will help to eliminate dents and long-term corrosion with a “smooth monochrome exoskeleton” that it says provides passengers with maximum protection.

The Tesla Armor Glass is a glass and polymer-layered composite that can absorb and redirect impact forces for improved performance and damage tolerance. The truck bed has 100 cubic-feet of lockable storage with under-bed, frunk, and sail pillar storage. The bed is covered by a “magic tonneau cover” that is strong enough to stand on. The suspension can be raised and lowered by four inches to make loading easier. The truck has onboard power and compressed air. Tesla says that the truck can tow 14,000 pounds.

Inside the Cybertruck has storage under the second-row seats and an advanced 17-inch touchscreen on the dash. As for driving range, Tesla says that it can go up to 500miles per charge, and the Cybertruck offers impressive performance with 0-60 mph coming in as little as 2.9 seconds. Cybertruck will come in a single motor RWD with 7,500 pound towing and a 250-mile range. The dual-motor AWD version is good for 10,000 pounds of towing and over 300 miles of range.

The tri motor AWD version is the top end with 14,000 pounds towing and over 500 miles of range. All versions have up to 16-inches of ground clearance and standard autopilot and adaptive air suspension. As for pricing, Tesla has put the Cybertruck right in the mix with regular trucks price-wise with the single motor starting at $39,900, dual motor AWD at $49,900, and tri motor AWD for $69,900. The self-driving package adds $7,000 to any version. Reserving one is $100 with configuraitons able to be chosen in late 2021 and production of the tri motor AWD starting in late 2022. It’s worth noting that Tesla often overpromises delivery dates and pricing.

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  1. Ryan

    Has the lines of a Delorean too. So in a way it’s very futeristic, but in a way it’s not since the Delorean is coming up on 40 years old. Also the Delorean was not very successful in it’s day. Maybe it’s time has come but I don’t think so. Great collector car though. The one thing that is eye catching is 500 mile range, but the price is pretty steep and that model is a loooong way out.

    It’s a boutique truck, it’ll look good in a few driveways in LA in front of super modern box looking houses, but the mass market appeal is not there. They had a chance to really get aggressive against the big 3 and I think they missed that chance. Ford and GM will take the mass market (and Dodge if they come out with one), and if someone is really opposed to buying from a traditional automaker I think the Rivian is much more appealing (if they ever make it, same for Tesla though).

    1. Roland

      And, they thought the”EDSEL” looked bad!

  2. trailhiker

    This looks like it was designed for a late 1960’s SciFi movie.

  3. GaryB

    looks like a childrens toy come to life. Crazy specs though. Was pretty funny during the Tesla unveiling event when they threw a ball bearing at the window to demonstrate the strength of the armored glass and it shattered it. The design is either too 1980s sci fi or too ahead of its time

  4. Ford Fan

    Did anyone else notice there are no mirrors? maybe their fancy sensor will replace those.

    1. GaryB

      Where they’re going, they wont need mirrors haha

  5. Raymond Ramirez

    I saw a video where a Tesla exec threw a baseball upon the Tesla armor glass of the driver side and broke it! Elon Musk was there! Nice way to promore such glass!

    BTW, the electric F-150 can pull more than the 10,000 pounds. The prototype pulled a load 120 more times heavier. Ford Authority has the video, which is on YouTube.

  6. Reply
  7. gareth

    Only badge snobs and So called style gurrs are going to buy this.

  8. Musk Is A Fool

    This isn’t real, we’re being punked.

  9. George S

    So where is the semi truck talked about a few years ago? This what Elon loves to do, go outside the box.

  10. Materialman

    He might sell three or four of those. Maybe.

  11. Tom Nickel

    If you look up ugly in any dictionary you will find a picture of this creature . do the math, how many miles do you have to drive to have a saving . You will find a Ford Flex and a F150 supercrew in my driveway . Good solid vehicles that are reliable year after year .What is the head room in the rear . where are the outside mirrors ? Where is the spare tire stored if there is one .

  12. Art Naebig

    Maybe it was a quirk of the video but it sure looks like the guy with the sledgehammer was ‘pulling his punch’. There was absolutely no movement of the vehicle or deflection of the panel when he ‘hit’ it. The hammer head wasn’t foam rubber, either, because it didn’t compress. I can’t help wondering if the whole performance was a joke. Musk is eccentric enough to do that.

  13. Tom Nickel

    Look at Musks track record . All talk no action !!

  14. Jeff Inskeep

    It’s a Gen 2 Deloreon, nothing more. Just an ad stunt!

  15. Cary

    The windshield will not be able to have a inspection sticker on it because of the slope. So the sticker will go on the pass side window. Just like the chevy lumina van.

  16. William Wood

    200k already preordered so yeah that would already put it at the number 5 truck in the usa. This is literally just from in a 1 week pre sale ?. I will be getting rid of my F150 asap ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️.

    1. Reply
  17. George

    Let’s put looks aside , if the “ Big Three “ don’t want to get ran on their backs by Tesla , they better be able to make an electric truck with these same specs and reliability. Tesla has now proven that its cars can run for years and not break down . There are Teslas on YouTube showing over 400k miles of use . I now trust Tesla very much like I trust a Honda . I would not buy an electric Ford truck until they can prove the same safety and reliability and performance . Looks aside , the bottom line is the price of the truck, performance, safety and range . I love fords and ofcourse Im rooting for Ford . They just have to stop talking and show us a real electric truck performing on the road and dirt !

  18. Ford Guy

    That’s too bad, this article didn’t age well. Sorry all you guys are eating your own words now! Haaaaaahahahaha


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