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VanDOit LIV Van Is A Ford Transit Camper Van: Video

Camper vans are very cool ways to get around the country and see things and always have a place to stay with you. We’ve seen some cool campers recently with the Wellhouse Leisure Ford Transit Camper and the Ford Transit Connect Van that American’s can buy. Another Ford Transit Camper van option that Americans can purchase comes from a company called VanDOit, and the van is the LIV model.

The company says that the emphasis for the multipurpose van is functionality for adventuring, campaign, hauling passengers, and more. The van has a modular design that allows it to be tweaked to whatever you are doing. The Ford Transit camper van has an off-grid solar system on the roof and perpetual hot water. It features a removable kitchen pod, removable cabinets, and a dry-flush toilet.

The floor of the camper van has garage space or a first-level bunk with a gear slide that can be pulled out of the rear of the van. The main bed is a queen/king size hydraulic bed lift that allows for more space on the ground floor and headroom for passengers in the third row thanks to a folding leaf on the bed.

The flooring of the van is a wood grain-style marine-grade flooring. It can seat up to eight passengers with removable seating. The camper can be fitted with external, foldable solar panels to provide off-grid power. The roof rack solar panels can generate 390 charging watts. A low-profile AC unit can operate off the battery or charging system.

A galley kitchen is an option, as well as a removable refrigerator. The van can be built on the new AWD version of the Transit van. As with most camper vans, the LIV isn’t cheap, with a price range from $59,800 to $108,800 depending on options installed.

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Source: VanDOit

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  1. Fx4man

    Should have called it “Soylent Green”. Looks a lot like a mobile coroner lab.
    With all the Mexican cartels, don’t drive this within 1,000 miles of the southern border ..
    And, the base model barely comes with a steering wheel.

  2. Ed



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