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2019 Ford Ranger Owners Complain Of Low-Speed Vibration

The Ford Ranger pickup has been selling well in the mid-size truck segment as it gains on GM in sales numbers. Currently, the 2019 Ford Ranger sits in the third-place spot for sales in the segment, and it’s gaining. Not all is well with the 2019 Ford Ranger. Many owners are complaining about the same issue. The complaint is a vibration at take-off during low RPM use.

Multiple 2019 Ford Ranger owners complain of vibration between 1600 and 1800 rpm. Some say they have reduced the amount of vibration felt by turning off the auto start/stop function of the truck. Some users say they haven’t felt the vibration at all. It interesting most of the people in the thread on Ranger5G forums are owners of the Ranger Lariat FX4.

The tread also has several members complaining about upholstery in the truck that doesn’t fit well. The specific complaint is wrinkly seats. Some are saying that the vibration felt is normal with multiple users noting that the engine sounds as if it’s under strain at low speed and some wondering if it’s related to the 10-speed automatic that seems to hunt for gears at times.

One owner piped up and said that he has a Fusion with an EcoBoost engine that has a similar vibration at take-off. That owner notes that the dealership said the vibration was the wastegate for the turbos and was normal. Some owners have suggested changing tire pressures improves the vibration, and others have said the vibration is reduced as miles are put on the trucks. The original poster later said that Ford had replaced the driveshaft, and that didn’t fix the issue. The owner also states that the service writer told him to expect a recall notice. Are any 2019 Ford Ranger owners out there seeing this issue?

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Source: Ranger5G

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  1. Aaron

    Only test drove one as soon as it hit the dealer lot. It had huge vibration at low speeds. Really annoying. There were a few people in comments and a video reviewer who mentioned the same.
    The one I drove happened to be a lower-optioned XL…

    1. Reply
  2. metfanlou

    I know that the world has moved to 8 – 10 speed automatics for better fuel economy but I believe this is at the heart of the problems with all these cars and trucks. Complication upon more complication. My Titan truck (’05) has a four speed with tow mode, my wife’s Honda a four speed (’06) and never, never any problems.. They don’t “hunt” for gears, don’t lurch and don’t vibrate. You only need all the gears for a tractor trailer. I’ll take the lower gas mileage and the better reliability.

  3. Randy Hall

    We own a 2019 Ranger xlt Fx4 ( crew cab ) while there are a few things I dislike , I most certainly can’t complain about the transmission or any vibrations , so far the transmission is smooth and flawless , it’s one of the things I like best about our Ranger

  4. Brett Vedros

    I’ve had one since May and I have never felt it. I always turn off the auto start off the second I get into my truck. I’ve never had any issues with it. I’ve seen several recalls for the truck but the only one I’m affected by is the taillight recall.

  5. Charles Lopez

    I have a 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat. Have had no problem with vibrations. A few other minor problems, but absolutely no vibrations as a few have described.

  6. Deadarmadillo

    Get rid of that weenie 4 cylinder. My wife has a ’16 Explorer with the turbo V6 3.5. it doesn’t vibrate at all.

  7. Steve welton

    My wife’s Lariat has no vibration issues, but I run the rear tires at 26 lbs for daily driving as our local streets are rough, ride is great,

  8. shelbygt350s

    hi how come you don’t say anything the new ford ranger tow package when you buy a tow package you don’t get a brake controller so if you have a trailer with electric brakes they wont work big problem

  9. metfanlou

    You are right. I wen to Camping World and they installed an electric brake controller.

  10. ron

    I have a 2020 Ranger Lariat Crew Cab 4×4 and I have the vibration when accelerating moderately from a complete stop. It is very annoying. I also have been blessed with the really saggy/baggy leather seats. Ford is going to replace them. I have seen other new trucks arriving at the dealer with poor looking leather seats.

  11. Robert White

    I have a 2003 Ford Ranger man is great couldn’t ask for anything more

  12. MarkC

    2019 Ford Ranger Supercab FX4 and I have the vibration/shudder when taking off.

  13. Brandon

    Vibration baggy seats in my Ford lariat fx4 2019. Also now trailer disconnect issues (no trailer on truck) and random taillight blind spots going off.

  14. robert t

    xlt crew cab here ,no vibes . tight cloth seats . BUT I plugged in a “nightlight “to disable that stupid start stop!! truck has been amazing. 7200 miles .sorry for those who have problem.

  15. commbubba19

    my 2020 xlt has a shudder/vibration at 10-15 mph.

  16. Ron

    I have a 2020 Ford Ranger Lariat Crew Cab 4×4 and it has the irritating shudder when taking off. It does it most of the time, but once in awhile it takes off smoothly. The transmission seems to always be hunting for a gear especially when cold. When taking off cold, the truck actually feels like it is lurching. After it warms up it gets better. I, too, have the crummy, saggy leather seats. The front seat covers were replaced by Ford on warranty, but are really not much better. I was told by Ford Customer Care that it was as good as it will get.

  17. Bill from AUS

    G’day from Australia,

    ALL Rangers have this fault, some are worse than others. The cause, the tailshaft. Ford decided to use only three universal joints, so when you accelerate from a stop and the rear axle torques around the springs, the tailshaft and universal joints get out of alignment causing the vibration. Your US market Rangers have a different rear spring design to ours, which probably makes the issue worse. Ours have done them from day 1 when the PX series was released.

    1. James Stephens

      What’s the fix?

  18. Jim

    I just bought a new 2019 Ranger Lariat FX4, live in a colder climate and found a couple of issues so far. My trans works OK once it is warmed up, so I’m gentle with it for the first mile or so when it is cold. The vibration in mine is in the steering wheel under light throttle at 20 to 40mph and is a very fast vibration almost like an electric shaver. I know that it is not tire or wheel related and I suspect something in the power steering system. My second issue is with turning off the auto stop/start system. Pushing the button works fine, but you need to do that every time the truck is restarted. There is a selection in the vehicle settings that is supposed to turn it off permanently, but that works only until the system decides that it wants to turn itself back on. It may stay off for a day or two or a couple of stops before enabling itself again. The next day it usually starts up with the setting off again. My Ford service department doesn’t have a clue and is not interested in researching the problem. I don’t want to leave it for a day of sunshine at the dealership.

  19. Steve

    I have a 2019 Ranger Lariat FX4, and it has that low speed surge. (15 to 25 mph) When I took it in to the dealer they said it was a spark plug foiled out and they changed it out. After taking more about it they finely said they really didn’t know what it was and they had no fix for the problem. I sure hope ford isn’t going to leave us just with that.

  20. Randy J Hall

    Not having trouble with feeling vibrations but I am getting a vibrating noise between 2,500-3,000 rpm like a heat shield or something under the truck , the dealer states it’s just a characteristic of the vehicle,
    not really happy with that answer

  21. hypertruck

    I test drove 4 different 2020 rangers, each with less than 20 miles with ecoboost and all 4 had the same horrible shaking anytime you give it any amount of throttle (perfectly smooth if in neutral so its not tires) Dealership tried to pretend like they dont notice it or that it is normal. No it is not normal. Ford should be ashamed for putting out a truck with this design problem. Sorry for the others who are stuck living with a new vehicles that shakes worse than a 20 year old vehicle. SAD

  22. Randy

    I have a 2019 4×4 Ranger … No issues to date …other than slight noise

  23. ron

    I have a 2020 Lariat crew cab with about 6k miles and it has the very aggravating vibration when accelerating from a stop. It also shifts like it has no idea what gear to go into and whether or not to lock up the converter. I have had the TSB done two times for the shudder and also have had the transmission software flashed for shifting issues. The shifting was better right after the flash but within a couple weeks forgot what it learned in the software flash. The shudder never got better with either time the TSB was done. I regret making this purchase and recommend anyone else considering purchasing one test drive the one you want to see if it shudders and shifts like crap. If it does, don’t purchase it thinking ford will fix it.

  24. Lori

    I have a 2019 Ford lariat and it has been in the shop 3 times now for vibration issues at 45 mph. Tires have been balanced and they still are unable to find the issue.

  25. Scott

    I have a 2019 XLT 4×4 with 11,800 miles on it and have the annoying vibration at 40 to 55 mph with low RPMs on the motor. Ford knows there is a problem but refuses to due anything. My dealer has been great, replaced the driveshaft but it’s still there, they are at a loss on what to do. I see a class action suit against Ford if they refuse to solve the problem.

  26. George

    I have a new 2021 Ranger wildtrak,bio turbo 4cyl…has slight vibration at 55ks thru to 65ks,done 5000ks,have checked wheel balance,still the same.Dealer requires the unit for three days to check with Ford engineers,because he hasn’t a clue what is causing it.
    Reading the above reviews,Vibrations seems to be very comon issue one way or another,and Ford motor company don’t seem to want to know about it..?

  27. Jim

    I have 2021 Ranger super crew, same complaint upon lo speed take off vibration. Dealer seems to admit its there but no solution. very annoying.

  28. Rick Atkin

    I recently bought a 2022 Ford ranger lariat and I don’t feel the low rpm vibration but if I keep the truck between 55mph and 60mph it vibrates enough to make my hands tingle from the steering wheel. They blamed tires so I have literally gone through 3 different sets of wheels and tires. Not the issue at all. I’m very disappointed about the whole thing. Truck has 800 Miles on it and I have spent more time buying and selling tires and wheels than driving the thing.


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