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2020 Lincoln Aviator Goes Ice Fishing With Matthew McConaughey: Video

Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey have been working together for years with ads for the Lincoln line of luxury vehicles. In May, we talked about a commercial he was in that saw McConaughey finding the perfect rhythm. This time out, the actor is out in the frozen wilds doing a little ice fishing.

The commercial starts with McConaughey sitting behind the wheel of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator and cranking the heat to the max as he gets ready to step outside. He opens the trunk and takes out an ice drill.

He walks out onto the frozen lake, bores a hole, and sets a gizmo for automatically catching the fish. McConaughey walks back to the warm 2020 Lincoln Aviator and mumbles, “Beats jiggin’ in a shanty,” as he sits in the Aviator and sketches in his book. As time passes, he looks at the fishing hole and sees he has a fish on the line. The commercial ends with him whistling the Andy Griffith Show theme as he walks the ice to get his fish.

The commercial is well made and was produced by Hudson Rouge. The cinematographer and director is Lance Acord, known for movies like “Lost in Translation” and some cool commercials from 2019, including the “E.T.: A Holiday Reunion” spot. Lincoln’s Eric Peterson says that the ad is all about telling the story of how Lincoln’s approach to its clients and vehicles is different.

Peterson says that no matter the activity or environment, the Aviator “provides a serene sanctuary” with luxurious amenities and more. Lincoln is launching the spot tomorrow on youTube and is having a Twitter takeover. The broadcast debut for the commercial will be during the college football playoffs with the Peach Bowl at 4 p.m. EST on ESPN.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. CrabbyMilton

    it may catch fire and fall thru the ice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Scott

    ” …. honey, Fred and me are going ice fishing this weekend, up in the mountains.
    Do you care if I go buy a $68,000 luxury vehicle, then bring it home smelling like carp? ….”

  3. Mark P.

    What is the set location for the ice fishing Lincoln commercial?

    1. Amayi

      They should have included the location of the shoot. But it looks like it may by Lake Louise in Alberta Canada.

    2. brad telford

      or Maligne Lake in Jasper

    3. S Friesland

      Could the frozen lake be Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park. Or is it Bow Lake in Banff? Someone tell us.

  4. Kent Allison

    No pictures of the fish, “No fish”, own a Lincoln but you don’t get a bye?!

  5. Parisrae

    Ummm smells a little fishy to me since there are political comments currently surrounding Ronnie Howard. Coincidence? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. David

    Itโ€™s not better than a shanty…not even close. Besides, heโ€™s gonna want to shut off the engine to stop breathing in the fumes from the tail pipe. Isnโ€™t running an engine like that bad for the engine and environment?

  7. Jereme Ortiz

    The filming location for this commercial is Upper Kananaskis Lake in Alberta Canada. It is in the Canadian Rockies southwest of Calgary and 100 miles north of the Montana border.

  8. Flloyd L Lloyd

    Look close. You see Matt sitting in the Lincoln. This is the only segment in the spot he is actually recognizable. I suspect his visual segment was filmed in a studio set. The remainder of the commercial may have been shot on-site or perhaps not.

  9. Renesmee

    I have only seen a short version of this ad, and it makes absolutely no sense. He cranks up the temp, sits in the back, takes his gloves off (huh?), starts whistling, or at least you hear the whistling, he is using binoculars, some sort of red stick pops a flag, and he walks to the edge of the lake. You cannot tell that the red stick is on the lake. It comes across as a signal-response: I whistle, I wait, someone who knows the signal responds with this little flag, I leave my car and walk to the lake. Thanks for filling in the considerable blanks.

  10. John

    You don’t catch fish on a bare hook…you need bait. This commercial is a bunch of crap.

  11. Arne

    I was hoping Ron Howard would walk across the shot.

  12. tee

    what does this say about matthew and his view on global warming?

    1. D. Browning

      What??? So what’s up with Global warming if the lake is frozen.

  13. Richard corn

    The last time I saw someone walk and whistle to a tip up that just flagged is ZERO. I’m surprised he didn’t use a drone to check it.

  14. D. Browning

    What??? So what’s up with Global warming if the lake is frozen.

  15. Ann r

    Just some info , it’s an auger and a tip up. Minnesotans know ๐Ÿ™‚


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