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Broken Ford F-150 King Ranch Tried To Haul Too Much Camper

We’ve all seen someone in a truck cruising down the highway gleefully unaware they are inches from disaster. These are the folks who overload the bed or have mounds packed in the bed with nothing but a couple of bungee cords away from hurting themselves or someone else. Whenever owns this Ford F-150 King Ranch has certainly done a number on the truck.

The sleuths over at Reddit have been digging into the photo trying to figure out if its a Photoshop and figure out where exactly things went wrong. Thre are some that claim the image is photoshopped talking about shadows that are different on the front and rear. The photo looks legitimate to us. We can’t see someone putting the sort of effort in it would take to get the trees and sky between the roof of the truck and the camper perfect.

Here’s a closer look.

It appears that someone simply had too little concern for their truck and too much desire to go camping in a massive in-bed camper. It appears that the weight of the camper, which was meant for a truck with more cargo capacity and a longer bed, buckled the rear of the truck. Another point of debate is if what we are seeing is just bed damage or if this truck has frame damage.

Reddit sleuths claim the payload for the Ford F-150 King Ranch of that vintage is around 2,100 pounds. The weight of the camper is said to be 2,800 pounds. Couple that with a good bit of it hanging out of the bed and disaster happens. The King Ranch trim is officially returning on the Ford Expedition for 2020.

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Source: Reddit

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Clay

    Looks like brain damage to me.

  2. CrabbyMilton

    Too cheap to upgrade to a SUPERDUTY. Now it’ll cost a lot more.

  3. Stan Pozdol

    Tell me that the camper jack is not pushing down on that side step!

    1. Murraydav

      It’s not. The jack would have started in a vertical position. When the bed failed the jack moved and the pivot point would have been at about the top of the jack. This caused the foot of the jack to move in the forward direction. Looks like it just skimmed the running board during the arc of movement
      Bet the guy needed a change of under wear also, cause threat was one wild one second ride.

    2. Vern

      It’s not. Look at the shadow, light between the foot and step.

  4. Dave Mathers

    Always use at least an F-250 and preferably an F-350 to carry a camper. They both have stronger frames AND floating axles for safety.

  5. Scott

    … almost as disastrous as the typing/spelling/grammar in this article.
    Times are tough. Pay grades are low. But get better writers or hire some proofreaders.

  6. murraydav

    Woooh boys. Zoom way in on the photo. Look close at the camper over top of the front camper jack. Do you all see it? The freekin camper is being held in the box with a GD Ratchet strap, which is thrown over the roof of the camper….. For extra security. more ratchet straps were attached to the wheel opening. Oh my lord. Maybe the arse just bought the camper, or even STOLE IT.
    Forrest Gump summed it up with, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

    1. Scott

      … I didn’t care enough to “zoom way in”.
      But if you like, get down on a creeper, and slide way up under the thing,
      and tell us what you see…

  7. Vern

    One DARN GOOD fake, tho missed a few shadow lines.
    Biggest tip-off are the 2 camper feet, shadows are not parallel.
    Next is the overhead bed shadow line on the trucks cab, not parallel.
    The trucks fender behind the wheel, shadow is crisp… RV near the rear foot, blurry.
    The RV 2 feet shadows are different angles.
    My vote… FAKE. “Know what I mean Vern?”


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