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Dealer Prices 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Track Pack At $145,890

We knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that Ford dealers would tack market adjustments onto the price of the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. We knew that the harder to get 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with the carbon fiber track pack would be the hardest hit. We have found our first confirmation of this with a dealership called Koons Ford, offering a GT500 that is coming to the dealership for sale.

This 2020 GT500 is complete with the carbon fiber track pack and technology package. The car has navigation, B&O audio system, Recaro leather seats, MagneRide damping, and lots more. We aren’t sure of the exact MSRP on the car because this dealer doesn’t offer a link to the window sticker on any of its cars. Read into that what you want.

We do know the car is performance blue and has the painted stripes. The dealer doesn’t say what color the stripes are. This GT500 appears to be completely loaded, and the asking price is $145,890. Configuring a similar car on the Ford website comes up with a price of $105,890. That indicates a $40,000 market adjustment for the car. We hope the car rots on their lot because as long as enthusiasts are willing to pay ridiculous markups, dealers will keep doing it.

Many dealers who tried to tack hefty market adjustment onto the Shelby GT350 and GT350R found those cars languishing on their lots. We think it’s time for Ford to step in and curtail these massive market adjustments. While Ford can’t necessarily stop dealers from marking up cars, it could do something like it is with the Mach-E. Ford could reward dealers for not marking cars up with different incentives.

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Source: Koons Ford

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Chuck

    Let me just say this. I have been buying muscle cars since I was in the early 20’s and now Iam in the late 60’s. Now being of rational, logical, and level headed thinking I will just say this: “Their GREED is not a good thing”. Remember the old saying that good news travels at a snails pace but Bad News Travels at LightSpeed. Obviously this dealer does not care about their reputation. Personally speaking I will not ever do business with dealers such as this one. Respect has to be earned not given.

  2. John

    Gorgeous and fantastic car, but not worth anything close to that. The C8 Corvette made the late arriving GT500 obsolete, ESPECIALLY considering the price difference. The GT500 isn’t even worth it at MSRP, and I really am a fan of the car.

  3. Blaise

    May it sit on the lot forever.

  4. Jesse

    From my understanding an all loaded GT500 is what Ford is calling their golden ticket. Every dealership in my area has a markup of $40,000.00. When I asked why their response was they were offered the markup from several 3rd party people.

  5. Steve Morales

    buy a rossion Q1 if you want a true track car that has unsurpassed lateral grip, world class breaking & crazy quicks.

  6. Kit

    I remember when the H2 and the HHR had ridiculousness dealer markups, 3 months later you could not give the dam thing away. Unfortunately for most of us there are people with the money and willing to pay the markup just to be the 1st to get one.

  7. gareth

    While I think ford should look at this issue and do what they have done with Mach-E reward dealers.Although I think this will never stop this issue completely the other way is for people to hunt around and if possible buy from dealers that don’t try to be greedy.

  8. Harold Martus

    Something to remember is actually that most of these dealers are actually losing money on most of their vehicle sales. The average new car is losing $1,000 AFTER dealer holdback, so for them to make money on a couple of vehicles a year isn’t insane. While the mark up may be high to some of you, it’s not illegal to mark up your product. Specially in the wealthiest county in the country.

  9. Arthur Sarkissian

    I think it is absolutely a disgrace for anyone to be this greedy and to charge literally $40,000 over! I can maybe understand 5000 To 10,000 but I agree When there is stupidity by people who pay these prices they’ll keep gouging them and laughing at them all the way to the bank
    Whoever said I hope “it rots in the parking lot at the dealership is right


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