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eBay Seller Tries To Flip 2020 GT500 Before It’s Even Delivered

The raw greed that has come with the 2020 GT500 never ceases to amaze us. So far, we’ve seen one priced at $145,890 that has the painted striped and Carbon Fiber Track Pack. We’ve also seen a dealer try and get $169,999 out of a base model 2020 GT500.

Now we have a private seller trying to get in on the big money-making action with the GT500. A seller on eBay is trying to flip a 2020 GT500 with the carbon fiber track pack for a profit before the car is even delivered. The listing on eBay has a VIN that is from a truck the person owns because Ford hasn’t even released the VIN for the car.

The eBay seller claims that the car has the carbon fiber track pack. The attached build sheet does show that the car has the carbon fiber track pack, assuming its the build sheet for the actual car on auction. The car lacks the painted stripes; it has white vinyl stripes over Kona Blue metallic paint.

The build sheet does show the $3,000 technology package and the $375 vinyl side stripes. The MSRP for the car, as ordered, is $96,870. The seller says that they paid “a lot” over sticker for the car, and no lowball offers will be accepted. The starting price for the auction is set at $129,500. Essentially all you have to go on here is a build sheet anyone could have made in Excel, a bogus VIN, and a claim that the car is coming eventually.

The seller also wants a $2,000 deposit within 24 hours of auction close. We think you’d be crazy to take that sort of risk but to each their own. The auction has no bids and ends tomorrow. Since the car doesn’t exist yet, the images in the story aren’t the car that is for sale. The build sheet is the one attached to the auction.

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Source: eBay

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  1. Ed

    If Ford does not approve of dealers selling for more than MSRP, then do like the Mustang Mach E and let the customer order it directly from Ford and they can make the price like they want it. Most buyers who want this type of Shelby will seek out dealers who sell at MSRP and the dealers who decide to up the price beyond a reasonable amount will be known and buyers will steer away from these dealers not only for this type of vehicle but ANY future Ford products they may have for sale.

  2. Rick Massey

    Seems like a scam that should be reported to the proper authorities

    1. Terry L Tate

      this is nothing new same thing happened when the Dodge hellcat first came out people were selling on eBay before they even had the car in their possession

  3. Jeffery

    Look after it’s all said and done, it’s still a MUSTANG and it’s not even a “TRUE” SHELBY because Mr. Carroll Shelby had nothing to do with this generation of Gt 500 or 350’s. And it’s our own Damn fault as the consumer for paying these outrageous over sticker prices. They know they can get what ever they want for these 500’s. And 350’s because Johnny mustang fan boy has to have it first .They need content for their “YouTube” channel or the bragging rights for the 1st to own one in California or for WHO GIVES A SHIT! If everyone would just calm down and let all these GREEDY LITTLE BASTARD’S sit on these cars for awhile they will learn their lessons like Chevrolet did!! Chevy dealerships were so F’in GREEDY with the C7 ZO6 they had the markup 40k to 50k over MSRP now look at them you can find brand new 2018’s on the lots for 77k out the door and that’s with 567 miles C7 ZO6 3LT . NOT TO mention 2019 zo6 .Z51 for 42k out the door. LOOK bottom line is opinions are like buttholes everybody’s got one. This is just my opinion ,and you don’t have to agree with it but give it a little thought mustangs were your pony car or best bang for the buck muscle car. Now paying OVER 100K REALLY???

  4. Rich Osterman

    I payed $5000 over MSRP for my 2009 Corvette ZR1 from Bill Fox Chevy R.H. Mi And I been offering $10000 over MRSP for a GOLDEN TICKET No Bites Mabey 2021


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