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Ford Backed Group Wants A New Carbon Tax

A lobby group has been pushing Congress to pass a new carbon tax. The group is called Americans for Carbon Dividend, and it has raised more than $5 million this year after adding new corporate supporters with both Ford and GM now backing it. Technology company IBM also backed the carbon tax group.

Each of the three major companies gave $100,000 to Americans for Carbon Dividends, which is the lobbying arm of the Climate Leadership Council. That group is led by former Republican Secretaries of State James Baker III and George Shultz. Climate Leadership Council CEO Ted Halstead has said that there is a consensus from all sectors of private corporate America saying we need a national carbon price. Halstead noted that it’s not only energy companies and utilities who want the national carbon price.

A Ford representative has said that Ford supports policies that take an economic and sector-wide approach to reducing carbon emissions. The Ford spokesperson noted that the automaker believes that the Climate Leadership Council’s position meets the goals cost-effectively.

GM was a founding member of the Council. Halstead says that the $5 million raised by the Council will allow the group to increase lobbying pressure in 2020. The group will use the money for more paid media, state fieldwork, grassroots organizing, and additional staff and consulting. The plan laid out in the Council’s lobbying efforts would create a gradually rising carbon tax beginning at $40 per ton and increasing that 5% every year.

That money would be returned to taxpayers as quarterly payments of equal size for all households to offset higher energy prices. The plan promises to cut U.S. carbon emissions in half by 2035, noting that is a higher amount than the Obama administration pledged under the Paris climate accord. Ford was recently granted $35 million in new tax incentives in Michigan.

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Source: Washington Examiner

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  1. Mike

    Wow, Ford is really trying to push me away. They know electric cars can’t make it on their own, so like any good lib, they want to use the government to force us into them. If this happens, I will never buy another Ford. In my 34 years as an adult, I’ve bought almost 70 new Fords, personal and business. Not one foreign car or GM car. This is crap. It also shows that people don’t want appliances, they want cars. If Tesla doesn’t sell many with all their fan boys and “cool” cred, how is Ford going to sell enough to make it work. Even GM with all that taxpayer money, and Obama forcing it on them as part of the bailout, couldn’t sell them without rebates. The Cadillac ELR, or whatever the name was, looked cool and supposedly drove nice, but didn’t sell. Cheap $40k;) Bolt didn’t sell either, with thousands in tax credits, yet Somehow adding thousands in taxes on real cars will. ANY COMPANY THAT WANTS TO HAVE THE GOVERNMENT TAX US TO HELP SELL THEIR GARBAGE IS PURE SCUM AND ABOUT AS UNAMERICAN AS IT GETS. IMHO

    1. jje

      Mike you are spot on. These climate zombies will destroy our economy with no tangible results.

  2. gareth

    Reality is carbon admissions need to be cut some how and which ever way it happens its going to effect something or someone but long term its best for the future.I think fords Mustang Mach E will sell in sufficient numbers even after rebates disperse as its the right model for the right segment probably more for Europe then America.

    1. Mike

      That might be your reality but it’s not the reality. There’s more than enough proof from real scientist to show that this whole man made global warming thing is a scam. There’s more than enough empirical evidence also. Al Gore is damn near a billionaire from this scam. He made a ton of money selling Carbon Credits. Think about that for a minute. You can expel all the carbon you want so long as you give Al Gore money. The UN wants to tax Americans for Carbon bs. The idea that we breathe out poison is insulting at a base level. But the problem here is companies pushing a tax to help their garbage sell. Once a tax starts, all it does is increase. There isn’t a company in the world that pays its own taxes either so wether or not they add it as a tax line item or work it in the price of a new car, or whatever product gets taxed, the consumer will pay and always pays all the taxes for any and every company.

      1. Scott

        Mike: +1
        You are seeing it for what it is.

      2. anonymous guest

        Thank you Mike. I’m glad people can sniff out the elite’s p.r. scheming.
        Check out some articles on Musk’s margin loans. Consider that banking uses fractional reserve lending.

  3. gareth

    If I had read this article correct they are saying money would be used to offset higher energy prices not sure about car prices I might be wrong.Telsa are nothing special to me I would take the Mustang Mach E over telsa any day.

  4. gareth

    Global warming is down to how the human race is treating the world(not what people breath out) if people destroy the lungs of the world how can it survice?.

  5. Francisco Cruz

    This comment section is woke af


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