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Ford F-150 4×4 vs Tesla Model X Tug-O-War

Before we even get started, we might as well point out that most of this video is nothing that people looking for the tug-o-war will want to watch. If you want to get to the lead up to the tug-o-war between what the driver describes as a “tuned” Ford F-150 4×4 and a Tesla Model X P100D skip to around 4:11 seconds and when the short tug-o-war is over, tune out.

People have been clamoring to see a rematch between a comparably equipped Ford F-150 and the Tesla Cybertruck ever since a seemingly one-sided contest was posted by Elon Musk shortly after the Cybertruck was announced. Even scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson got in on calling BS on the test Elon ran. Tyson said that the test was more about the traction of the tires than the capability of the vehicles.

In the end, Tyson did say load both vehicles fully and then see who wins in as fair a test as can be made. We’ll also note right off the bat that this Ford F-150 4×4 vs Tesla Model X tug-o-war certainly isn’t an apples to apples comparison. We don’t know much about the Ford F-150 4×4 in the images other than the owner says it’s tuned. He doesn’t even say what engine the truck uses, but it sounds like an EcoBoost to us.

We can see that the truck is on off-road tires while the Model X is on street tires. That should give the traction advantage to the Tesla. In the end, the test sees the Ford F-150 gets pulled across the parking lot. We don’t think the Cybertruck will be anywhere near as successful as the Ford F-150 EV, no matter if it can out tow the Ford or not.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Truckdude

    The raptor would have won if he modulated the throttle better because he just gassed it and blew the tires off.

  2. Raymond Ramirez

    These tests are not fair because both vehicles must have the same wheel and tire sizes and thread, and the same weight, so the pulling torque is the true measure between them. When the electric F-150 is released, it will out power the Cybertruck.

  3. Martin Scott

    Not sure why i even bothered to watch that, Anything with 4 wheel drive and an extra ton of low center of gravity battery mass is going to win (within reason) . Those geniuses carrying out the test, I have nothing to say about them except maybe they were drinking some southern Jethro juice. Can any “Car” pull 6 to 8000lb continually for miles of uneven roads along with twist and turns? No, that is the job for a truck with a suspension and frame built for it.. no manufacture would suggest there car do a truck job unless their engineers were those clowns in the video. Stupid video! Please, Ive always been a fan of this page for a while, If in the future you have anything as remotely stupid as this article and video, please warn us first by marking it “stupid”. – in big letters

  4. Scorpionking0102

    Of course the electric motor car would win out in a tug of war. Electric motors are abundant power producers. Also, they have the advantage of the low slung weight, an unfair comparison at best. Maybe he should of tried to pull a tractor truck and see which would of won.
    With all the effort being put forth designing and building electric vehicles, I believe a longer term solution to the transportation crisis would be to expend more effort into producing hydrogen powered vehicles. And for all you naysayers, yes I know it is a complicated solution.
    Gathering all the natural resources needed to make the batteries is an environmental disaster we are being blindsided by of the producers of these batteries. Not to mention the resulting disposal and reclamation process needed to keep them out of our landfills.


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