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Ford F-150 Lawsuit Over Defective Paint Filed

There have been plenty of lawsuits on the Ford F-150 over the years. One more recent Ford F-150 lawsuit has to do with the 10-speed transmission in the truck. Another lawsuit over the F-150 has to do with the fuel economy of the trucks. A new Ford F-150 lawsuit has been filed, and this one has to do with peeling paint on some models.

The lawsuit alleges that corrosion damages the aluminum hoods, roofs, and side panels of the truck. The suit also claims that the paint warranty is allegedly meaningless due to the terms of the warranty. The lawsuit was filed by Tina Nelson, who owns a 2014 Ford F-150 SuperCrew that she purchased in 2016.

In 2018, Nelson noticed that the paint on the hood, roof, and side panel was peeling and corroding. She took the truck to a dealership in Oklahoma to have it repaired, and the techs at the dealership allegedly said that problems with the paint primer had caused the paint to peel. A Ford rep is said to have asked the technician if there was a defect in the paint. The tech is alleged to have said that it was probably a defect in the primer noting the paint doesn’t appear to have adhered to it.

Ford allegedly told the plaintiff that no assistance would be provided despite the truck being within its 5-year extended corrosion warranty. Nelson says that the corrosion and peeling paint have exposed the underlying surfaces of the truck and will cause more rust and weakening of the body. Aluminum panels will corrode but don’t rust like steel panels. The 2015 model year Ford F-150 is the version of the truck that moved to mostly aluminum construction.

The lawsuit seeks to be a class action and includes all persons in the U.S. and its territories who have purchased or leased a new or used Ford F-150. Nelson’s suit claims that Ford has known about the paint, primer, and corrosion problems for years based on TSBs that it has issued. The plaintiff says that the warranty for corrosion only applies to the aluminum panels if the aluminum perforates, which can’t happen with aluminum panels. It’s unclear what the lawsuit seeks as a remedy.

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Source: Car Complaints

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  1. GaryB

    makes you wish you didnt need to rely on companies and their crooked user agreements and fine print. Every single agreement out there says basically the same thing. If you use our product in a way we dont like, we will sue you. We are not liable for any type of damage to you even if its our fault. We are allowed to collect information about you and sell it to undisclosed third parties. We can stop supporting your purchase/warranty/product support at any time even if you bought extended protection. blah blah blah

    1. metfanlou

      Correct. I bought a new Nissan Titan truck and the paint failed after one year and total failure after three years, all documented at my dealer. Nissan gave me the Finger! Any paint warranty is useless and they know it. After five years I took FIVE grand out of my pocket and had the truck repainted because it was so ugly and did not want it to rust. I see a lot of trucks on the road that looked like it, all makes and models. I need a new truck now and Nissan calls me up and I just hang up. Moral of the story is, if you don’t take care of your customers, you will have no customers.


    As i have posted on this and the sister site GM Authority, file a small claims court action. It’s fast, costs very little and you need a lawyer to argue the case. Here in the Toronto area, York county, it costs just $75 to file a case and the company or person you are suing, must respond within 21 days in writing to the court. If they don’t respond within the 21 days in writing to the court, then any amount of money you are claiming will automatically be awarded. Name both Ford and the official legal name of the car dealership in your Small Claims suit. The car dealership cares more about lawsuits than Ford, GM or any other billion dollar entity. Here in York County, in Ontario, you are allowed a maximum claim of $25,000 plus a maximum of legal expenses of $500 on top of whatever amount you are asking for. Always ask for interest on the money you are owed. Also ask for any travel expenses to drive to deliver the copy of the documents to the person/company that you are suing. You can hire a professional company to serve the documents for you. Also file an electronic copy of “NOTICE OF SERVICE” TO THE COURT WITH exact TIME AND DATES OF THAT SERVICE. TIP: when filing the claim, each point of your argument must be a separate point on a separate line. Make 4 copies of everything, 1 for the court given at the time of filing, 1 for the person or company you are suing and 2 for yourself….Why 2 copies before yourself? Do you have a dog, Is your home fireproof? do you have nosy kids who go through your stuff? Are you going through a difficult time with yur spouse or girlfriend.boyfriend? Will your paperwork every get coffee spilled on it? Now you know why you need two copies for yourself.

    1. Glen U

      In the USA small claims court means “small claims” most have a limit of $5,000, others $10,000.

  3. Sam

    I see so many Honda & Nissan cars with peeling paint. Hoods, roofs, trunks. There are 3 in our parking lot alone.

  4. George S

    The manufactures issue TSB about fixes for new found problems, but is it really a purposeful problem looked aside. It usually will state “ some vehicles” will experience….

    1. metfanlou

      They never intend to repaint a vehicle. Two phrases they practice “caused by acid rain” and “Road salt and chemicals used to deice the roads.” Period end of warranty. The acid rain is the one for south of Virginia. These excuses work as soon as you drive away regardless of mileage.

  5. Dave Mathers

    In 1980 a worker at the Ontario Truck Plant in Oakville submitted a ‘better idea’ to management. He said that the new galvanized metal would NOT require primer. He got a new pickup for his idea. Three years later and all Ford dealer body shops were full of complete repaints at Ford’s expense. At Dealer Council I asked if they repossessed his truck. LOL

  6. Susan

    I m curious to see if Ford will Honor any of these paint peeling issues. My 2013 Expedition has the same problem. I was told that Ford wouldn’t unless I seek legal action.

  7. John

    Unfortunately Im one of many that own a Ford Truck which has horribly failed paint.
    Paint chips 2-3 inches in diameter simply fall off the truck and even after rust proofing 2x per year, Its rusting in many areas. The overall quality is horrible IMO.

    Ive owned & still do own chevys which are over 20+ years old (1997 & 1998) that have almost zero body rust or paint issues,,, but 3 of 3 fords that Ive owned have all rusted out.

    While my current 2011,,, was under warranty, Ford paid for a portion of the initial fixes but once the warranty was over ,,, I was told to go fix it on my own.

    At this point, I cant afford to paint it & unfortunately it looks horrible.
    —-FORD,, I wont be buying another truck seeing how they deny these items.
    Unless they take it amongst themselves to fix up the issues,,, I’ll continue driving it as an advertisement to show just how bad it cant get !!

    My truck is a 2011 F350. $65k at the time of purchase. The paint started peeling off in 2013.

    Shame on you Ford !
    If anyone knows how I could go about seeking formal action, Id love to hear more.

  8. Steven B.

    My 2014 F-150 (which I love by the way) has just started peeling paint below the rear window…otherwise, the paint is almost flawless. Now I’m scared it’s going to spread all over…looks like either a wrap or paint job is in order.

  9. TrK

    I have a 2016 F150 Laredo. . I purchased it new. The clear coat is coming off of the vehicle. Off of the side steps, roof, wheels etc.
    The paint should still be good at 50k. There has been no problems on my other vehicles. Ford seems to ignore me.

  10. kerry Hogan

    My 2018 ford 150 is peeling only on the roof in the rain gutters. Ford dealer told me no warranty at 32,000 4 years old. Looks like paint is not sticking to the white primer beneath it.

    1. Duncan Stace

      I have exactly the same problem with paint peeling off the roof on my 2017 F150 XLT, , this as well as paint peeling from the wheels and clear coat peeling from the running boards I understand its out of the 5 year warranty but took it to my local dealership anyway. Was told sorry its not covered. I got a quote for $2,000 just to paint the roof and would be better off buying new wheels and running boards rather than having them painted. I feel cheated that I’m going to have to pay thousands of dollars just to get the car to a condition it should be in anyway at just over 5 years old with 53,000 miles on. And FYI, your vehicle is covered under the 5 year unlimited miles paint warranty, you should take it back to the dealership with this info in mind


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