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Ford Ranger Sales Gain On GM’s Mid-Size Offerings

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The mid-size truck market has boomed in the last 11 months, according to a recent report. The growth in the segment overall has allowed Ford to grow its Ford Ranger mid-size offering that relaunched this year. While the Ford Ranger is new to the states, the truck itself is a platform that has been sold in Europe for years. Rumors have suggested that a new version of the Ranger is due in a couple of years.

Ford says that it has sold 10,595 rangers in November alone, which was the best month yet for the truck since it debuted in January 2019. Despite the nice sales numbers, Ford has yet to dethrone the Toyota Tacoma, which leads the market handily. The strong sales did allow the Ford Ranger to get closer to the sales numbers of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon clones.

While the Tacoma is the leader of the segment, Ford and Chevy are fighting for bragging rights of selling the most mid-size trucks for a domestic brand, and Ford’s solid month of sales will make those numbers closer. So far this year, Ford has sold 75,357 Ranger pickups. Ford notes that it wasn’t until Q3 2019 that its Michigan Assembly Plant, which produces the Ranger, hit capacity, allowing the automaker to fill more dealer orders and increase inventory at the retail level. Ford wants to beat GM in the mid-size truck market and settle the long-running dispute about which of the two sells more trucks. All the sales numbers for the entire mid-size market can be seen for Q3 in the chart below.

Sales Numbers - Midsize Mainstream Pickup Trucks - Q3 2019 - USA

MODEL Q3 19 / Q3 18 Q3 19 Q3 18 Q3 19 SHARE Q3 18 SHARE YTD 19 / YTD 18 YTD 19 YTD 18
TOYOTA TACOMA -2.79% 65,756 67,643 40% 52% +2.02% 187,622 183,909
CHEVROLET COLORADO -9.46% 31,657 34,963 19% 27% -7.65% 96,820 104,838
FORD RANGER * 26,211 * 16% 0% * 56,512 0
JEEP GLADIATOR * 16,132 * 10% 0% * 23,384 0
NISSAN FRONTIER -14.04% 15,364 17,873 9% 14% -8.20% 54,686 59,574
GMC CANYON -11.73% 7,437 8,425 5% 7% +4.06% 26,300 25,273
TOTAL +26.11% 162,557 128,904 +19.20% 445,324 373,594

Ford sells more full-size pickups handily with its F-150, while GM sells more mid-size trucks and lays claim to the title of selling more pickups when you combine full-size and mid-size sales. Ford isn’t saying it will beat GM, but it’s hoping sales are close. Data in a report from Edmunds suggests that some previous Focus owners are buying the Ranger instead of an SUV, and the truck is said to be bringing new customers to the brand.

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Written by Shane McGlaun

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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    • They have more than enough capacity now that two Ford plants are running full tilt to keep up with demand. Ford’s new incentives like the $1000.00 rebates and $279.00 a month lease rates will surely boost the Rangers sales to over 90,000 units for the year. Ford always pulls out all the stops towards the end of the year. Will have to see how this plays out. Good luck Ford.

  1. Need to engineer a better rear seat in the SuperCrew, like the Tacoma’s. It only allows for access to the jack; you can’t really use it for in-cab storage. Ranger’s won’t fold flat and is difficult to latch in the upright position once released

  2. The “new” Ranger is an epic fail Ford! The interior design is straight out of the 1990’s and the exterior looks like a soft, effeminate version of the Tacoma. Ford truck owners know what a Ford pickup is supposed to look like – and this ain’t it.

  3. I have a 2020 Chevy Colorado 4 x 4 Z71 with a lot of extras on it on order I consider buying the ranger but I do not want a 4-cylinder motor and they have less options and Chevy has that’s the bottom line so I don’t like to make people buying Rangers with all the things they offer than Chevy

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