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Ford Windshield Patent Gives The Mustang A Receding Hairline

Ford certainly patents some strange tech that we don’t expect to see on vehicles in the near term. We’ve seen a patent for a drone that deploys out of the rear of a car and one that shows a moisture sensor for a seat. A new Ford windshield patent has surfaced, and this time out, the patent has line art that is clearly a Ford Mustang with a very bizarre looking windshield.

As with any patent, the wording of the Ford windshield patent is odd with lots of mentions of plurality and such. What it boils down to is a new roof construction that uses bows that would transmit forces from one side of the vehicle to the other in the event of an accident. It could be used on unibody vehicles or on the body on frame vehicles. That means it would work on any vehicle type that Ford builds. The automaker also mentions that it could be used on taxis.

The design would allow the front windshield and rear glass to come up and meet at the roof bows creating a panoramic roof for occupants to see out of. We could see this being popular for vehicles in tourist destinations. The patent art clearly shows a Mustang that looks as if it has a receding hairline.

This might mark the return of the glass roof that many Mustang fans have missed. It’s not clear from the patent if the windshield and roof are one piece of glass or if they would be separate sections. We’d hate to think of how much a windshield that wrapped up the top of the car and covered half the roof would cost to replace if a stone cracked it.

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Source: Google Patents

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. trailhiker

    I wonder if this would integrate a new rear-view mirror system using dispalys?

  2. MH

    Someone fire that designer…..SMH

    1. Nate

      They’d probably have black lines across the top of where a windshield normally is (like the edges of a windshield now) and it might not look too bad.
      However, given that I’ve had to replace the windshield at least once in almost every car I’ve owned, I don’t think I’d enjoy the repair bill for this.

  3. Jim Sfetko

    IMO, the idea for this is to ‘combat’ the rules for where the front header bow is located. The front header bows location can not be where in a crash the passengers head would hit it instead of going through the windshield. This ‘rule’ greatly limited car design. It one reason why the new Ford GT had movable pedals and steering wheel instead of a moving seat. With a moving seat, passengers could be in a position where their head would hit the header bow instead of the windshield.


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