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How About A 1965 Ford Thunderbird 2-Door For Under $3,000?

We like the Ford Thunderbird around here. We like some models much better than others; we’re particularly fond of the early 2-seater varieties. We do like the early-to-mid-60s models too. Once the 1968 Thunderbird rolled around, we weren’t big fans. It’s rare to find a deal on a clean, classic car, but this looks like just that. Someone wanting to do some work on the ride themselves might want to jump on it.

This 1965 Ford Thunderbird is on Hemmings and is located in Greely, Colorado. It looks extremely clean in the photos with an interior that shows no tears or rips that we can see. The dash looks solid and uncracked. The exterior appears to have no rust, and it is coated in black paint. The seller says that the current owner has had the car since 1984.

The 1965 Ford Thunderbird has been stored inside all that time. The seller says that it needs carburetor work and a minor tune-up to run and drive again. The car has a 390 cubic-inch V8 under the hood paired up with a 3-speed dual range automatic transmission. It has 3.00 gears in the rear according to the door tag. The color is raven black on black seats.

The seller does say that the car needs new carpet and that the headliner has a few holes in it. It looks as if someone could get this car running again and ready for cruising with little investment. It’s not clear if the engine is the original unit or if the car has been restored in the past. It certainly looks like a clean project car for the money.

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Source: Hemmings

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Seth Hendley

    Wow that’s a cool car

  2. Andrew Sommers

    The 68 (actually redesigned in 67) was the most powerful ever built and looked far better than the 61-63 in my opinion! As a matter of fact if you equate a cars profile to the size of a womans chest it would be of Dolly Parton proportions!! Merry Christmas and take another look.

  3. John Winkler

    I got a Caspian Blue ’64 a few months ago. Mine sat for almost 20 years as well. If the car in the article sat as long as they say it has, it will need more than a carburetor rebuild. The transmission will leak from the linkage. The valve seals will be rotted out. This will cause the oil to sludge up in both the oil pan and at the top of the motor. I just tore down my engine to discover both head gaskets leaking as well. Whoever gets this car better be ready to go through it. It will still be a great ride though.

    Mine will end up with 410 cid pistons, 390 rods, and a 428 crank. The “Ford 410 FE”!!! Also, a mild Comp Cam as well!

  4. Doug

    I would so love to own this beautiful t bird.

  5. Benny Drye

    Is this T Bird still available? Definitely interested.


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