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Hyundai Sees Big Gains As Ford Sedans Disappear

When Ford announced the decision to end its car production and only keep the Mustang, many car fans were unhappy. While some Ford customers are moving from Ford sedans like the Fiesta and Focus, to SUVs where the automaker can grab bigger profits, many buyers are moving to other brands. We mentioned a while ago that Honda had seen an uptick in car sales after Ford sedans were discontinued.

Honda isn’t the only Asian automaker to benefit from Ford and GM leaving the sedan market. Hyundai is seeing growth as well. Statistics show that 42 percent of GM and Ford car buyers have stayed in the compact car segment. Hyundai reports that it saw sales of its Elantra surge 102 percent in November 2019 compared to November 2018.

Hyundai is pleased that Ford and GM vacated the sedan market. Hyundai’s VP of Product Planning, Mike O’Brien, said that there are now 6.5 million car owners who don’t have a successor sedan from their manufacturer. Hyundai wants to capture many of those buyers and get them into its sedans. It’s not just Ford that Hyundai intends to grab abandoned sedan buyers from. The Hyundai exec notes that since the Chrysler 200 was dropped in 2017, there have been 20 nameplates that have disappeared from the Sedan market.

We mentioned previously that a large number of former Focus buyers, 18 percent, are moving to a Ford SUV. GM is faring better, with 21 percent of Cruze owners moving to a Chevy SUV. The fact that the SUVs typically cost as much as $8,000 more than the sedans buyers are trying to replace has sent many sedan buyers to Asian brands. Couple the lower price with the Hyundai 10-year/100,000 mile standard warranty, and many former Ford sedan buyers aren’t looking back.

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Source: The Detroit News

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  1. CrabbyMilton

    Hate to say I told you so. FORD still builds the chicom TAURUS so they could easily bring that thing over here.

  2. Tom

    Boy, who would ever have seen this happening! This Hackett team is slowly destroying this company. Once Ford loses all of the sedan market to other competitors and the SUV/ pickup truck fad is over, Ford is finished. Should have gotten rid of Hackett and his team immediately after the canceling sedan decision.

  3. Ben

    After GM had so much trouble getting Pontiac customers to go to Chevrolet or Buick, it shouldn’t have been difficult to see this coming.

    I’m sure the DPS6 fiasco probably didn’t help Ford either though.

  4. M. Dunes

    Come on Billy. Get rid of Hackett and put a car guy in the job. Bring back the sedans and small wagons for the first time new car buyers and make them Ford buyers for life. Give them a quality small car! We’ve lost so many young people to the Asian cars and they’ll now forever buy Asian cars. Has anyone in Hackett’s team ever taken a psychology class? Or are they all “empty blue suits?” Young American buyers are quickly losing faith in our Company’s leadership. And, it’s showing in what they are buying.
    Get those transmissions fixed or replaced with ones that actually work. Clean up the quality. Make a small 4WD wagon to compete with Subaru. Come on, guys. Get with it! Or we’ll all go under. And, do not give those guys who are driving our Company into the ground a buy out package. Just escort them to the curb…. now. Thank you.


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