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Man Drove Ford Focus Home In Reverse After DPS6 Transmission Failure

Things aren’t looking good for Ford and the DPS6 transmission that is used in some Focus and Fiesta cars. Ford has lost several cases in court outside of the large class-action suit that is pending against it. The automaker has also faced former employees who have come forward and said that “everyone” knew that the transmission was defective.

A man called Mark DaGraca has come forward and talked about his problems with the DPS6 transmission. DaGraca says that he had replaced the clutch on the 2016 Ford Focus with the DPS6 transmission five times before he finally gave up. The man says he now has a larger car payment, and he blames Ford for the debt.

DaGraca says that he had to trade the car in because it wasn’t safe. When he purchased the vehicle at a dealership in Haverhill, Massachusetts, he was told that Ford has special a deal on Focus cars. The deal was 1.9 percent interest, regardless of credit. The man says the deal lured him to buy the car.

At 16,000 miles, the car needed a new transmission. He said that every attempt he made to get Ford to take the car back was met with “you don’t qualify for anything.” DaGraca says that the final straw that led him to buy a new Ford Escape was when he had to drive the Focus home a few blocks in reverse because it wouldn’t move forward.

DaGraca alleges that Ford knew they had made a bad product and pushed to sell them with attractive finance rates. Many owners of Fiesta and Focus cars with defective DPS6 transmissions have told the Detroit Free Press that Ford has pushed them to trade their cars for new vehicles. The man says he had to roll over $11,500 to the new loan and has a payment that is $100 per month more than it was before. Reports also indicate that Ford dealers are starting to decline repair orders on defective vehicles.

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Source: Detroit Free Press

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  1. Crabbymilton

    Why not? Every thing else at FORD sis going backwards anyway.?

  2. Seth Hendley


    But kinda funny ?

  3. Marlena Dowell

    How can I get my car repaired. Transmission. Gas tank a.nd senor to clutch.

  4. shalee beckwith

    My 2013 has had transmission problems three months after I purchased it. Dealer ship never responded back about the problem of not going into gear dieing in the middle of intersections and at least this guy had reverse cause mine didn’t. Want tell I was broke down on the high earth with my three kid’s I found out about TCU issues. It was so bad the guy at ford couldn’t believe I’d even made it as far as I did. Now that my extended warranty is up I find out that the 14M01 warranty was never taken care of and ford is refusing to fix that issue that should have been done before I even purchased the car. They lied about the car being safe and passing inspection and now I’m out of having a car for the last 3 weeks since the TCU was replaced and they are refuse to fix the clutch it’s also caused me to lose my job cause they wouldn’t even work with me on a loaner car or a rental car. Last time I’ll ever own a ford vehicle for sure!!

    1. Chevy Guy

      “Last time I’ll ever own a ford vehicle for sure!”

      My man!!!

      Only buy GM vehicles!!

  5. Susan

    I’m just waiting on the courts to approve for payment on pending mass action lawsuit in regards to my 2013 Ford Focus, which put me in financial downside for another 6 yr loan , cause vehicle unsafe to drive, lost power, transmission repairs, Tcm module and updates, but not even new transmission would resolve issues caused of clutch the integrated with transmission, so upside down 10,000 had to get another ford where purchase 2013 Ford Focus , no other dealer would touch for trade , but ford dealership did resale my precious vehicle out of state , lawyers said no law against it yet, so it’s been alittle over 2 yrs , now that workers for ford are coming forth with the truth , focus owners should get compensation I’m now paying on a fusion which cost me 32,000 almost 500$ month it’s killing me, and my previous car would have been paid by now, only owed 10,000 paid 26,000
    For focus and mint condition 54,000 miles what a shame. Ford do the right thing!!! Get your integrity and respect of customers back . When your wrong or did wrong choices admit it!!!


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