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Motion R Ranger Has Carbon Fiber Everywhere

Ford Ranger fans who want to stand out from the crowd can get the Motion R Ranger with a body kit attached to the truck to completely change the style of the mid-size Ford entry. The Motion R Ranger includes a carbon fiber front bumper with integrated daytime running lights. Carbon fiber front wings are part of the package along with carbon fiber rear quarter panels.

The rear bumper is carbon fiber with integrated MotionR stainless steel exhaust. The truck rolls on MotionR OR1 20-inch concave load rated alloy wheels. For those wanting more for their Ford Ranger, Motion R offers the fully-exposed carbon-fiber exterior package in a 2×2 weave and a forged carbon option.

The trucks in the images appear to have the Forged Carbon Option installed. That package includes the MotionR integrated front grille, front splitter, DRL housing and front bumper intake, wheel flares, wing vents with “R” branding, rear bumper diffuser, and a tailgate spoiler. The company also offers an interior package for the trucks.

Interior options include a carbon fiber dash trim and MotionR carbon fiber flat-bottom steering wheel with perforated leather, both in 2×2 weave or forged carbon. The company will also fits the truck with a full MotionR branded quilted Nappa leather interior. MotionR gives no indication of pricing for the kit, but all that carbon fiber certainly looks expensive.

The body kit is a bit over the top to our eyes compared to something more clean and functional, like the Ford Ranger RTR package. The RTR package with no carbon fiber bits adds $10,000 to the price of the Ranger; we assume all the carbon fiber means the MotionR package will cost much more than that. It’s also worth noting that MotionR is a UK company that makes body kits for the European line of Ford vans as well, we don’t expect to see this Ranger stateside.

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Source: MotionR

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  1. Scott

    … once I read “a UK company”, it all made sense. UGLY.
    Looks like a low, fat Explorer Sport I had back in the 80’s. yeck…


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