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Petition Wants To Force Ford To Change Mustang Mach-E Name

Many Mustang fans still aren’t happy that Ford put the Mustang name and running pony on the Ford Mustang Mach-E EV. Some of them are so unhappy with Ford that a petition has been started on to force Ford to change the name of the EV. We’ll call it now. The name will never change, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is here to stay.

We’ve also said that we fully expect the Mach-E to open the door for multiple other Mustang models. In the future, don’t be surprised to see smaller Mustang-branded SUVs and perhaps a four-door car. As Mustang fans, we see where purists could get angry, but we also see the appeal of a broader range of Mustang vehicles, and if they look good and perform well, most fans can live with it.

A person called Jimmy Dinsmore started a petition to Ford on that was seeking 15,000 signatures. As of writing, the signatures are up to 13,639. The petition reads that the Mach-E should have the Mustang name and pony badge removed. It also claims that the name is insulting to those who love the pony car and support Ford.

Dinsmore wrote in the petition that the Mach-E may turn out to be a great product, but it “does not deserve to wear the Pony emblem or name.” The goal of the petition is to get Ford to remove the Mustang name and logo from the car altogether. We wonder if Ford expected this sort of backlash from hard-core Mustang fans. Even if it did, we doubt any amount of outcry would force Ford to change its path at this point.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    I am a Mustang admirer and owner, riding in a 1968 model, driving a friend’s Mach 1 in 1975, and owning a 1980 Mustang which I passed over to my nephew in 1995. I saw the Mach-E and it is a Mustang for me. Many here remember when the Mustang II came out in 1974 as it was based on the Pinto body. There was plenty of naysayers, yet it won a MT COTY award. I expect the Mach-E to win the 2021 COTY and many other awards, as the Chevy Volt did in 2010.

    1. Mike

      I own an MKX and I like it, but I didn’t care when they changed the Name to Nautilus. You’re not a Mustang guy so you don’t get it, that’s fine, but this isn’t your argument.

    2. Tom

      What it will do is kill the Mustang. As the four seater eventuslly killed the T bird.

    3. Don John

      Do yo realize what you said? Nobody like the Mustang II. It was complete garbage. The fact that you’re comparing the Mach-e to the mustang ii is hilarious. No muscle car nor pony car from that era had good performance except the GNX and Grand Nationals. Ford needs to kust drop mustang from its name, and call it the Mach-e. The name is mustang inspired, just like it’s looks, but thats where it stops, as it’s not a mustang.

  2. gareth

    I love mustangs and also I just do not see the problem with the name on this sleek suv it got the looks,power to be a mustang Its a proper telsa competer and better in many ways.

  3. vbondjr1

    There is a part of me that would like to see the mustang become what the Falcon was in Australia, an then there’s the part of me that just wants Ford to give America a Falcon on the new CD6 chassis with the current engines (revised) and start a global FPV (ford performance vehicles) lineup that includes vehicles like the Mustang, the Falcon, the Bronco, the Focus RS, the Raptors, etc. Ford is already planning to put the stang on the CD6 platform (same one that the new Explorer is on) so why not? Ford has so much good material at its disposal, I cant understand why it’s not using it.

    1. Dean Ricci

      I like your thinking.

  4. Dean Ricci

    I like the looks of the Mach E and I applaud Ford for bringing an Electric SUV to market to go head to head with Tesla. But, did they have to call it a Mustang? No, they didn’t. They chose to call it Mustang to make it controversial, to spark conversation about the car. To keep people talking about it. Naming an SUV a Mustang has angered many people, and I’m sure none of those people are in the market for an SUV. This car could have been called a Model E, to harken back to the days of Ford’s past successful cars, the Model T and the Model A. If the vehicle is a good vehicle, people will buy it – no matter what you call it. IF the Mach E is D.O.A. like the Lincoln Aviator and Ford has to buy them back from customers, well then there will be big problems at the Blue Oval. I certainly hope the roll out goes well on this vehicle. It may or may not be a big seller, but just hope the new technology works going forward, without endless recalls.

  5. JohnnyRC 007

    I don’t like the Willy nilly application of sports car names to SUVs. It can’t possibly corner like a mustang coupe and I can’t believe I have to designate that my mustang is a coupe and not an SUV. I find that disgusting.

    1. 'Merican

      It probably can and will… because (if The Mustang team built it right) the low center of gravity, equal weight distribution and instant torque matched by motor specs it will blow your plain old Shelby 350R pony right out of the twisty horse race … and on the 1/4 mile might!
      The mustang name is the muscle car that ford desperately needs to defend against these electric powerhouses. And you should be there defending Ford for it- shame!

      Then they can bud a 2 door mustang if you really want it.

      1. Don John

        Are you insane. It’s not blowing away a Gt350r on a track. It’s going to lose, and very badly. Physics is a thing, and the mach-e has to play by those rules just like everything else. You really think a taller, heavier suv will corner like the Gt350r? You’ve lost your mind.

  6. Will Rogers

    With a photo clipped from the last horse-drawn-tram in New York city in 1916, a good article from in 2013 explains a similar issue:


    “You know horses are smarter than people. You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people.” — Will Rogers was quoted in the early 1900’s

    Before city dwellers complained about cars, smog, congestion and the loss of public space, they railed against stinking, fly-ridden horse crap.

    In fact, the rise and fall of the horse makes very clear the difficult and troubling character of energy transitions.

    The horse, one of the most remarkable prime movers on the planet, pretty much ruled 19th century urban life and rural culture in both Europe and North America.

    End quote

    Now in 2020 Pony lovers are trying to defend, quote “cars, smog, congestion and the loss of public space, they railed (for) stinking, fly-ridden horse crap.”
    History buffs will soon love these times of transition.


  7. Earl

    New product, deserved a new name. Ford screwed up calling it a mustang.

  8. Jimmy Dinsmore

    LOL a person named Jimmy Dinsmore. That’s a weird wording. I’m pretty legit. Syndicated writer, author, writer for Torque News.

  9. Jimmy

    The new 2020 GT350r beats the hellcats and ZR1s with 3.7sec. 0-60…. but the new Mustang GT has Dual motors and a 3.5 second 0-60 for $10k less starting price (and $20k less if you take Gov incentives!)… that’s GT500 territory for mustang GT coupe 3.5L money!
    I’ll take her for a test drive for sure.

  10. Ed

    Remember what Ford was going to do with the Ford Probe when it came out as a replacement for the Mustang and with all of the Mustang Clubs around the country as well as the Mustang Club of America sending petitions and conversations from Ford dealers to the higher ups at Ford. The Ford Probe was fazed out and Ford made a larger effort to make improvements to the Mustang.

    If Ford really wanted to make a splash using the ‘E’ letter why not go back to that great vehicle from the 50’s….Edsel.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      The Edsel was not as bad as reported, since most people has never even seen one. My neighbor had one, and it was very comfortable inside. The only detraction was the funny grille with the vertical oval. BTW, Edsel Ford was Henry’s son who saved the Ford Company during the Depression. He bought the Lincoln brand under Ford and created the Mercury brand.

  11. Henry

    So if we change the name to Fiesta and it blows past a modded zr1 on the track … then we’ll be back here with 15000 signatures to change the name to Mustang GT900. ‘Cmon guys

    1. Mike

      If you take this on a track, you’re a fool first of all. 300 mile range doesn’t mean 300 miles at full speed. This heavy pig might get a ZR1 for one lap, until the tires melt and the battery charge goes down. There’s absolutely no issue about changing its name because it can out drag race a real car either. There’s not a real Mustang fan that would want it to be called a Mustang no matter what it does.

  12. Mike

    If you think it’s ok to bastardize the Mustang name, then you don’t get it, you’re not a Mustang guy. Just having a Mustang doesn’t make you one. All you tree huggers or environmental zealots need not apply either. It’s not about wether or not this thing is an appliance, it’s about bastardizing the Mustang brand. Someone tells me the own a Mustang, then pull up in this thing, would be at least laughed at. At a Mustang show, they’d be asked to leave or park it somewhere else. Again, if this doesn’t bother you then the issue isn’t for you.

  13. Mike

    Mentioning Tesla in the same sentence as a Mustang shows your not a Mustang guy. Nice try tho

  14. Dave Mathers

    Clearly Ford Division has brought over some of the brain-dead executives from Lincoln, you know, the ones who called everything by letters!! This is , without a doubt, the STUPIDEST marketing decision ever made by Ford. An SUV is NOT a Mustang, now or ever. Just call it a Mach-E and it will sell like hotcakes.

  15. George S

    Safety recalls will occur on the Mach-E but if the recalls have Mustang in the title, how far will the non educated consumer know what model it really is.

  16. CGRMX

    This petition is the most moronic flailing about I’ve seen regarding a car name yet. How self centered and egotistical to make such a demand. I’ve had over a dozen Stangs in 30 some years, and this one stands to be with the best of them. The Mach-E belongs in the Mustang camp. It stands for everything Mustang is, and embodies the direction it will continue to evolve. Internal Combustion Engines have as much life left as the dead Dinosaurs that power them. Step aside, and let progress, innovation, better torque, faster acceleration, as well as significantly increased reliability lead the way to a better future.

    1. vbondjr1

      Self Centered and egotistical is feeling that your opinion that ICE engines are dead is the only way things should be. The problem with your statement is the same problem that stores face thinking that everyone wants skinny leg jeans or anything else that pigeon holes the world into only one way of doing things with no other options. What you may or may not realize is that there are several other sources of energy that can be used in internal combustion engines that are currently being researched and finally (slowly but surely) being implemented and I’m not just referring to Ethanol. As your statement says above, you’ve owned several mustangs in the past 30 some years and while you may have been a mustang owner, you don’t appear to be a mustang fan. I would be the same as telling the fans of the Philadelphia eagles that their team is going to be a sub-team of the Dallas Cowboys or telling fans of the Ravens that they are going to be a sub team of the Steelers or something like that. If the future is going to be a world where only skinny leg jeans and electric cars, it will be a very bleak future.
      Also, on the other side of this. If the world goes to electric cars, tell me, where will car companies get their money from. Car sales make up a much smaller percentage of income than vehicle repair and maintenance does. With that being said, there’s not much to “Maintain or repair” on an electric car. Maybe brakes and rotors and suspension parts but how often do you need those repaired? There are no oil changes, no transmission fluid, no spark plugs or anything like that. Also, when your electric motor goes in your electric car, where does that leave you? STUCK! When a spark plug fouls or an air filter gets dirty (which electric cars don’t have) you can simply go to the dealership (or local auto parts house) and buy new parts for a few dollars and keep it moving. Now, you’ve just removed jobs of several auto technicians, several auto parts people, nearly all of your auto parts stores (pep boys, auto zone, advance auto parts, etc.) Another thing you’re nothing thinking of is the environmental damage that electric cars cause. The information below was clipped from an article (sourced below) on the negative effects that electric cars have.

      “Because of the complex batteries they use, it currently takes more energy to produce an electric car than a conventional one.”
      “And, disposing of those batteries creates an environmental hazard.”
      “Under present conditions, the overall carbon footprint of a battery-powered car “is similar to that of a conventional car with a combustion engine, regardless of its size.” That’s the conclusion of a 2011 study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU) in Heidelberg.
      While less emissions are produced by the cars themselves while driving on the streets, CO2 is still being emitted by power plants to charge the electric cars.”

      Everything from above in quotations came from an article ( While I agree that yes the electric cars do accelerate faster, have instant torque, etc. They are by no means the gateway to the future. They do have a place in the world and yes i believe they will balance out the hybrids and the traditional cars as we make discoveries into alternative fuels for internal combustion engines.
      To address the main issue at hand of whether or not to call this thing a mustang or not is purely based on opinion. Being a part of the mustang fan base and a fan of mostly everything Ford Performance, I personally think it’s a terrible idea to call this vehicle a Mustang. Why? because it’s not. While I would love to see Ford extend it’s performance line, even into the electric world, this is not a Mustang, nor should it ever be. Even if Ford wants to at some point make an Electric mustang, that’s fine as long as they still offer I.C.E variants but this is NOT a Mustang. If Ford had just called this the Mach-E, no one would have batted an eye, but to call this a Mustang shows that Ford is in a desperate panic and is just trying to throw something together instead of stopping, thinking, listening to its customer base, and then moving forward. The way Ford is moving and doing stuff shows that the company is making very costly mistakes and it’s just throwing anything it can at this fire trying to make it go out but they’re making the problem bigger. They’re trying to compete with Tesla, Honda and everyone else and rush things to the market when they don’t even have to.

  17. John

    LOL @ CGRMX. Thanks for telling us that you’re going to shove EVs down our throats. Anyway, the Mach E isn’t a Mustang because it’s just another Honda CRV clone built for old women and soccer Moms, like the dozens of other CUVs on the market. If it was an actual EV Mustang (2 door coupe), it wouldn’t be getting blasted online. If they named it just about ANYTHING else, it wouldn’t be getting blasted online. And if you’ve actually ever owned a Mustang or still do, they have just lost a ton of cool points in the enthusiast communities. The iconic Mustang name means nothing anymore if it’s slapped on Karen’s CUV, a vehicle that is the polar opposite of what a Mustang represents.

  18. vbondjr1

    Well if Petitioning is the way to bring about change then why don’t we get together with this whole petition thing and let Ford know what’s up? We all comment here, we all argue back and forth with each other about what we think so it shows we have passion about what’s going on with Ford. Despite our differences in opinions, alot of us are clear on the fact that we aren’t too happy about the mustang name being on this electric SUV. We do want Ford to continue making the MAch-E just without the Mustang name. There are those of us that want ford to expand the performance lineup outside of just the mustang, there are those of us who want for to expand on the electric line, there are those of us who have all kinds of suggestions out there but we’re the only ones who ever hears them. Someone out there is telling ford that all we want are electric crossovers, someone is telling them that the sedan is dead and obviously, it isn’t us that’s telling them this. But the problem is that we’re not telling them what we want. We’re not telling them what we need. Me personally I would love to see Ford have five segments under its umbrella: A regular Ford lineup, an FPV (Ford Performance vehicles) lineup, a Ford Electric lineup, a Ford Vignale Lineup and a Ford Truck lineup. They could easily drop Lincoln altogether for the Vignale lineup and offer the Vignale on the Edge, Explorer, Expedition and the new high-riding fusion based thing that’s coming out (hopefully they’ll just call it the Mondeo). Seeing that the CD6 platform is doing well and the mustang is going on it anyway, bring out the new Mustang, a new Falcon (sedan and UTE), the Explorer (with more performance options than just the ST), and hopefully a new Lightning pickup as well. As far as the regular Ford lineup, we would have the Mondeo (new high riding fusion concept thing), the Puma, the Ecosport, the Edge, the Escape and the Explorer. Ford Electric should have the Mach-E, the EVOS (what the Mach-E should have been) the Mach-3 (Ford performance sports sedan to take on the Tesla Model S) and the Atlas (F150 all electric pickup truck). Lastly the Ford truck lineup should include the Ranger, the Bronco, the F150, the Expedition and the Super Duty. To me, that gives Ford a balanced lineup with something for everyone. Along with doing this, it allows ford to consolidate a lot of things and at the same time globalize their lineup which should lower the cost of a lot of things not only on the business end, but the consumer end as well. Doing that will bring more customers. It’s not that people don’t want sedans, its that most of the sedans Ford makes (in the US) are half ass and boring and they don’t have to be. Ford has several different Ecoboost engines that make power, the 350hp/350tq 2.3L Ecoboost, the 400hp 3.0L V6 Ecoboost, the 3.5L Ecoboost which can make anywhere from 450hp/510 to 645hp/550tq along with a family of small displacement V8s including a 5.0L V8 that can make 480hp/420 (or supercharged @ 700hp/610tq) along with the Predator 5.2L V8 (760hp/625tq) and the Voodoo 5.2L V8 (526hp/429tq). Not only that, Ford also has a few great transmission options (7spd DCT, 10-speed auto, 10-speed hybrid). The thing is, there should be options for the people who want electric, hybrids, trucks and performance and not everything should fall under one category.

  19. Adithya Ramachandran

    Ford did this to dent potential model Y sales. They needed badge recognition so that the car would sell enough for them to make profits that seemed favorable to shareholders and upper management. Hence the reason they called it a Mustang Mach-E. They very well know Boomers and Enthusiasts will still buy the regular V8 mustangs. This car is intended to make Ford popular among young californian millionaires who lust for anything with a Tesla logo.

  20. Peter Zeigler

    Well, it would’ve been a hit but someone decided to call it a “Mustang” it became a big miss. I have a feeling it’s going to be a big sales flop.

  21. Chris Blanchard

    OK, how about “Cobr-E Jet?”

  22. JW

    These are the same people who got mad when fuel injection was adopted and when ye olde solid axle was finally dropped (and good riddance to it). We’ve all had to sit thru these rediculous arguments while the world moves forward. Their grandparents probably argued in suport of babbitt bearings.
    They have no understanding of this vehicle, which is probably the most important Mustang in 50 years. And none of the world market.
    And while Ford’s engineering was more than a little poor in the batty and cooling… this a first effort and the result has been surprising and outstanding. We have a Mach-E GT that accelerates in the same 0-60 as the GT500. And that’s just a first effort. 3 Teslas easily blow it away.
    And yes I’ve had 12 Mustangs, back to the start. I’ve wrenched, fixed enormous rust, broken down in the road, road raced and taught students in them. And I am looking forward to the second-gen platform in a few years.

    1. Don John

      Mustang is more than a 0-60 time. How about top speed, drag coefficient, suspension setup, how fast can it stop, how fast can it corner. Just because it’s 0-60 is better than a gt500 doesn’t mean anything. Put the two on a track, and the gt500 will lap the mach-e in ten laps, depending on the track. The mach-e will only win drag races that are 1/4 mile or less, and only against unmodified gt500s. Btw, how do you modify an e.v to make more power? You cant. You have to change motors and batteries. You wont be able to easily add power. The manufacturer will have to do it for you.

  23. Mr.Kim Bess

    All I can say is without using alot of profanity is that people that don’t understand what the Mustang name really means will buy anything.


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