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Poll Finds Consumers Prefer Ford Electric Truck Over Rivian And Tesla

A new poll has been conducted by the folks over at Autolist, and it looks at what electric trucks consumers prefer. According to the poll results, the majority of consumers who have owned a truck before prefer a GM or Ford electric truck. However, the poll found that the preferences were close. The Tesla Cybertruck was most popular among shoppers who have never owned a truck before with Rivian following close behind.

Despite the wild wedge looks of the Tesla Cybertruck, the only electric pickup that was chosen for its style was the Rivian R1T. Interestingly the results of the poll show that the Rivian truck and Tesla truck will be able to coexist without cannibalizing sales from one another.

About 1,100 current car shoppers were surveyed in late November and early December to get the insights. The poll asked which of the four upcoming electric truck models the consumers would be most interested in. The options were the unnamed GM electric truck, the F-150 electric pickup, Tesla Cybertruck, or the Rivian R1T.

Across all the respondents who had owned a truck before, the top choice was the unnamed GM electric truck with 35 percent of the vote. The Ford electric truck was close behind with 28 percent of the vote. The Rivian R1T was next at 23 percent and the Tesla Cybertruck at 14 percent. It’s no surprise that despite the buzz Tesla created and the number of reservations that have been racked up for the Cybertruck, most consumers who have owned a truck before didn’t want it.

GM’s entry is the biggest mystery of the group, with some speculation suggesting that the Hummer name will be resurrected as an EV. Among non-truck owners, 25.8 percent wanted the Cybertruck, followed by Rivian R1T at 24.8 percent, F-150 EV, and GM electric truck tied at 24.7 percent. Respondents in the poll said that the top reason to get the Ford F-150 EV was trust.

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Source: Autolist

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. GaryB

    do we even know what the other electric trucks look like yet? how are people are deciding what they want when they havent seen it or heard any confirmed
    details about it yet?

    1. Christopher G Blanchard

      Rivian has a website, and they were at the LA Autoshow. The electric F-150 will look the same as the ICE-powered trucks, same as Ram. Don’t know about GM, but any styling changes would be an improvement over the 2020’s!

  2. Tristan

    Of course “the Ford authority” could poll people of a particular demographic about unreleased products and this non existent ford electric pickup, where is the psysics to back up this proposterous claim? Let the market be your proving ground not uneducated people

    1. Shane McGlaun

      We didn’t poll anyone.

    2. Christopher G Blanchard

      The poll was taken by Autolist. Physics(?) has nothing to do with the poll, unless you want to know the quantity of energy expended over the length of time the poll was taken, and, the energy used to analyze the data collected. The result would be a value which would tell you from a purely physical standpoint the ratio of data derived per queried individual.
      Perhaps you meant methodology.
      The article states that the poll was conducted to discover “what electric trucks consumers prefer,”
      and then devines the results from people who have owned and those that have never owned a truck before.
      What the results of the poll show in part is to what degree manufacturers have educated the marketplace about their efforts in electrification. Mainstream consumers have heard of, and seen on the road Teslas and Chevy Volts, so not too surprising that they registered the highest in the poll; I bet that few are aware of the Ford Fusion Energi which came out in 2013

  3. Ryan Phillips

    I am glad to see Ford entering the ev truck segment. Although I am a Chevrolet guy. All and all I put a deposit for the cybertruck. Rivian and Bollinger priced their trucks out of the market in my opinion. Base truck starting at $70k easily going to 130k. Come on that is way too much especially on a truck manufacturer that has never produced any vehicle. These trucks will last longer with a lot less maintenance but interior will need to be updated after 150-200k miles.

  4. Shawn

    Truck owner here, I use my truck for work. I have owned several Ford’s. I have been waiting for Tesla’s truck to come out for years. I was one of the first to pre order it. I would not even consider another vehicle. Why? Because Elon is building superior vehicles with cutting edge technology. His goal was to create a drivetrain that lasts 1 million miles. He refused shipments of inferior parts even though they delayed production goals. I believe it is the very best I could buy. Another reason is that his business endeavors are moving the needle to change the trajectory of global warming. The only power I have as a consumer is to support those I believe to be doing greater good. This is why I will not buy anything other than a Tesla.


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