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Report Claims That A Baby Mustang Mach-E Will Use VW Power

We know without a doubt that Ford plans to roll out an entire family of Mustang vehicles to slot into the line along with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. A new report claims that the next vehicle added to the Mustang line will be a smaller Mach-E dubbed the baby Ford Mustang Mach-E for now. As hard a time as Mustang purists have had with the full-size Mach-E, news of a baby version will enrage.

The report claims that the baby Mach-E will be underpinned by a VW platform. We know that Ford and VW will be working on EVs together; that partnership was announced months ago. We can’t imagine with the anger the adding the Mustang name to the Mach-E has generated that Ford would add another so soon and then have it powered by a VW platform.

If the report is accurate, the baby Mach-E will roll on the VW MEB platform. VW and Ford have allegedly held talks to modify the MEB platform to meet Ford’s needs better. One issue that Ford has is where the front bulkhead and cowl of the MEB meet. The issue with that is that it reportedly doesn’t leave Ford the room it needs to create a smaller SUV with the stance, roofline, and profile that looks like a Mustang.

Ford’s Ted Cannis says that much of the work on getting the platform to work for Ford was done during the early part of the negotiations. Cannis says that the parameters they have seen will allow them to make a great Ford. If Ford does build a baby Mach-E, it will have a different profile and would likely be a crossover, not an SUV. A petition was circulated to get Ford to remove the Mustang name from the Mach-E.

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Source: Autoexpress

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  1. Materialman

    Hey Ford, that’s a really, really, bad idea.

  2. jerry w guess

    more reason NOT to call this a mustang

  3. Mike

    Once you bastardize the Mustang name, the second, third and fourth time are a lot easier to swallow for the stupid decision makers at Ford.


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