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Slick Ford Ranger Camper Is For Europe Only: Video

We all know at this point that the majority of the cool campers that are offered don’t make it to the States. Typically they are exclusively European, where people love to go caravanning. The vehicles in the video here are the Burow Reisemobil Oman, and they are based on the current-gen Ford Ranger pickup.

The Ford Ranger camper layout is very cool, and the campers are surprisingly compact for the amount of space you get inside. The campers look as if they are ready for some mild off-road use. Inside the camper shell on the back of the Ford Ranger is a large kitchen with a sink and dual burner stove in the back of the space.

We like that the sink and the table are retractable to get more space inside when not needed. Inside the bathroom, if you ware trying to shower and don’t need the sink, it slides into the wall to give a very large shower stall. The toilet inside the bathroom is a composting toilet.

The refrigerator is near the door as you come into the camper area. A small two-person dining table is integrated in front of the bed. The bed area is above the cab of the truck and looks suited to sleeping two people. The mattress is a very thin upholstered foam pad.

There is a passthrough from the camper into the cabin of the truck located under the mattress. No campers are cheap today; the two units seen in this video are priced at 80,000 euro for the white one and over 90,000 euros for the black one. It’s not clear where the price difference comes in, they appear to be identical. Look at this cool Ford Transit camper van.

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Scott

    jmo: I live here in the middle of the country; Omaha, Nebraska. There are 3 RV dealers
    in the area, and offer a -total- of 4 or 5 truck campers. ( that’s not 4 or 5 brands, that’s units total!) The only thing you can find are the 5th wheels and TT’s. I drive a supercrew 18′ F150 and TC’s are hard to come by.
    — If one RV company would come here and build a medium truck camper line-up,
    they’d have a great workforce, and, terrific shipping access nationwide.
    THIS MARKET IS UNTAPPED, even with Lance and the others. MANY people want something
    between a camper shell and a full-sized 2,000 pound camper. Price them $8,999 to $12,000
    and you’d clean house in sales! jmo. Thanks.

  2. Dave Mathers

    Clearly IKEA was involved in the design of these units!! LOL


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