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Tesla Model X vs Ford Super Duty Diesel Tug-O-War: Video

Not long ago, we posted up a video of a guy with a Ford F-150 Raptor having a tug-o-war competition with a Tesla Model X SUV. The contest was inspired by Elon Musk and his video that showed a Tesla Cybertruck pulling a Ford F-150 up a hill. The same (rather annoying) guys that put up the video of the Raptor vs Model X Tug-O -War, which the Raptor lost, are back.

This time out, the Raptor owners has put hands on what he says is a “6.7-liter F-350” to try again. While the truck is a diesel, we can’t make out if its an F-350 or not, and the video description says F-250. At any rate, the two guys hooked the Ford Super Duty truck up to the Tesla Model X and set off for a test.

They run the first test, and the Tesla drags the Ford Super Duty. The two get out and talk for a while before agreeing to more pulls. The second time out, the Super Duty pulls the Tesla. A third contest is held, and the Super Duty wins again. The Ford driver says the trick was to power brake the truck to get some RPMs up and build torque since the Tesla has electric torque as soon as the throttle is stepped on.

The Ford driver did wonder about rematching the Raptor against the Tesla and trying the power braking trick to see if there is a different outcome. It’s worth noting that scuttlebutt suggests that the Cybertruck will indeed be rated as a medium-duty truck making compete directly against the Super Duty series. We’d have assumed the driver in the first video was power braking if he wasn’t we’d like to see that test over again, but with less talking and more pulling. Skip to about 3:33 where the contest starts.

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  1. gareth

    So the test prove that telsa arent that superior if the test is done right.

  2. TS

    Regardless of which one wins, it would not get me to trade out of a F Series.

  3. Ecospider5

    Yes it proved you have to use a Ford Superduty to compete with the soccer moms electric SUV.

  4. John Q Public


  5. Jesus

    I have a 2019 f-350 diesel and i can probably pull 2 of those ugly soccer mom cars


    This is most likely a hoax and not real for several reasons. 1) the difference in transmissions, the f350 6.7L cam tow up to 18,000 lbs compared to about 3500 lbs for most cars. I doubt a tesla, even withs its instant torque has the ability to handle that much weight, it would likely break or shear an axle. 2) the wheels on the f350 were shown locking up near the end of the first test. Bullshit, a 6.7 would be spinning its tires on pavement, not locking up if it was pulling something super heavy. So I call bullshit on these guys and their fake test.

  7. Robin Romero

    Once agian Proves that Tesla’s are just a superior car. I dont understand all these people that argue just to argue. The facts dont lie.

  8. Jeff

    So lets both “fill up” then drive about 600 miles and stop and pull test. Bet I win EVERY time!!!


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