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2020 Ford Escape Commercial Celebrates African-American Women: Video

Ford has debuted a new commercial in its latest ad campaign for the 2020 Ford Escape titled “Built Phenomenally.” the ad campaign is African-American-focused and celebrates the defiance, transformation, and versatility of black women as creators, marketers, and performers. Ford notes that it is a founding partner of FREE THE WORK, a groundbreaking nonprofit initiative that advocates for companies to provide opportunities for underrepresented creators.

Ford worked with agency partner UWG, which is the longest-standing multicultural marketing agency in the United States. Ford and the agency conducted a fair and open bidding process to find the best production talent. The automaker also notes that to ensure that the campaign accurately portrayed women and girls, it followed insights provided by the Association of National Advertisers’ #SeeHer movement, which Ford is a board member of.

The commercial salutes the production process to create a campaign within a campaign that goes behind the scenes of making the commercial. It focuses on powerful women of color, all working to bring the Ford spot to life, including Kanyessa McMahon, director; Marci Rogers, stylist; Lola Okanlawon, makeup artist, and N’Jeri Nicholson, copywriter.

The commercial has voiceover work by award-winning actress Angela Bassett and features some of Ford’s marketing personnel in the commercial. The commercial focuses more on the people creating the ad than the car the ad is promoting. At the end, it says that the 2020 Ford Escape is “Built Phenomenally.” Ford is heavily promoting the all-new 2020 Escape. It previously unveiled a new commercial for the vehicle that highlighted the roomy interior. Ford also has a commercial that highlights some of the features the Escape offers.

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