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Analysts Say GM UAW Members Won Little In The Strike

Not long ago, we mentioned that some GM workers felt like the 40-day strike that union imposed against the automaker wasn’t worth it. The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has published its conclusion on the UAW GM strike, and it turns out those GM workers may be correct. After analyzing the UAW nationwide strike against General Motors and the four-your contract that resulted from the strike, CAR says that GM UAW members didn’t get much in the way of added job security.

CAR says that union members got higher wages and kept their healthcare coverage along with other wins, but job security wasn’t among them. CAR says that the GM UAW negotiators went into the contract looking for guarantees, and while “certainly they didn’t lose anything,” the analysts say they came out of it “with what they had” in terms of job security. At the same time, the automakers, including Ford, GM, and FCA, came out of the negotiations with increased average hourly labor costs that grew at a higher rate than their non-union foreign competitors who run U.S. plants.

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Source: Free Press

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