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Baby Bronco Interior Revealed In New Spy Photos


We’ve already shown you leaks and spy shots of the exterior of Ford’s upcoming baby Bronco – which we believe will be called Bronco Sport. But now, we have gotten our hands on fresh new spy photos that show the upcoming vehicle’s interior.

Though it will share its unibody Ford C2 platform with the new Ford Escape, the baby Bronco will have a different interior configuration, with an upright and rugged theme of the cockpit.

To that end, the photos show key parts of the center stack, including a new infotainment and vent layout that are completely different from those on the Escape platform mate. Whereas the new Escape features slim, flowing shapes, the Ford Bronco Sport gets chunkier, more vertically-oriented vents flaking its stand-up central infotainment screen.

However, the primary infotainment controls – the rotary volume and tuning knobs – look identical to those on the 2020 Escape, but the hazard lights button gives the area a different appearance. There’s also a notable difference in the engine start button: whereas the button on the Escape is tucked away on the instrument panel, it’s placed on the center stack on the baby Bronco.

Black camo is covering the HVAC controls, but they’re likely placed on the lower third of the center stack, with parts likely shared with those on the Escape. The steering wheel, rotary gear selector and buttons on the console of this Ford Bronco Sport prototype look identical to that on the Escape.

2021 “baby” Ford Bronco

2020 Ford Escape

The all-new baby Bronco will join the body-on-frame Bronco models, including the two-door and four-door SUV as well as the four-door Bronco pickup truck, thereby creating a family of Bronco vehicles. The “baby” model is expected to be unveiled later this year and go on sale shortly thereafter.

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  1. Tim Papirnik

    The official unveiling will be on June 9th. Check out the number on the side of the off road bronco 2069. 2020, June, 9th.

  2. YoraNidiot

    … nothing says truck like a rotary shift knob …

    1. Josh

      Rotary knob is required for Level 1 Autonomy that all 2020 Ford vehicles are capable of now. That’s why everyone is shifting to rotary or push button.

      1. Brett

        The more leaks the more disappointing the bronco is

        1. Heiko959

          The Bronco Jr will be like the first generation Escape, very boxy. It won’t be retro which I was hoping.

  3. Rich G.

    MUST agree… HATE the rotary shifter.
    Push button shift remind me of an old Plymouth Valiant 6 cylinder..
    That was the worst push button I ever saw and it stuck in my mind after all these years.
    Have one in my Lincoln MKC. Almost bought a Cadillsc XT4 because it had a real somewhat shifter.
    Lincoln came out on top because it had a bigger engine for a CHOICE, The 2.3 liter Turbo..
    Cadillac only had th 2 .o Turbo. Nothing larger..
    Cadillac 2.0 Turbo….. 237 hp
    Lincoln 2.0 Turbo…. 250 hp
    Lincoln 2,3 Turbo….. 285 hp… WE HAVE A WINNER FOLKS!!!!

  4. Ford Fan

    u talkin bout that big red button? hope not…

  5. JP

    Sometimes modern technology sucks & it returns to the older methods!

  6. Charles Parker

    From the 1979 to the 1989 FORD BRONCO was a thing of beauty and strength to behold , I know because I owned both a 79 & an 89 ! I planned to purchase a 98 but that was the year of the first
    Expedition which I just had to have and did purchase, and still own . This is to the design engineers of the new and improved 2021 Ford Bronco , I thought the 65 bronco was an eye sore , ha ,this 21 bronco is ugly as sin . No matter what is in the interior or under the hood , I do not care how many ribbons you put on this pig , IT IS STILL A UGLY PIG ! I would be ashamed to put the BRONCO name on this travesty !


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