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Ford 7.3-Liter Godzilla V8 Has 10,000 Mile Oil Change Intervals

Ford has been very proud of its new 7.3-liter V8 engine that will find its way under the hood of the 2020 Ford Super Duty line. Ford has spent a lot of time bragging on this engine, which replaces the outgoing Ford V10. Ford has put a lot of effort into making the engine as durable and cheap to maintain as possible for fleet owners. One of the key factoids about the engine is that Ford has improved the oil management inside the 7.3-liter Godzilla V8, which has allowed it to extend the oil change intervals.

From the factory, the 7.3-liter V8 engine will have oil change intervals of 10,000 miles. Ford notes that the engine has an oil minder to monitor the usage. The 10,000-mile oil change intervals are a big deal for fleet customers. The outgoing V10 engine has 7000-mile oil change intervals. The 7.3-liter V8 displaces 445 cubic-inches and makes 430 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque.

The engine will be paired up with a 10-speed TorqueShift that will be used through the F-600 chassis cab. Ford Super Duty chief engineer Mike Pruitt says that the automaker “put a lot of thought” into making the engine “bullet-proof.” Ford wanted to keep the engine simple, so the Godzilla V8 went back to a cam and block design. Pruitt notes that the engine is smaller, more compact, and has fewer parts. He also notes that Ford wanted commonality around the medium-duty truck to make maintenance simple, which is important to fleet businesses.

Some indication of fuel economy in the big V8 has surfaced from real-world tests. Despite the large displacement engine and the horsepower output, reports indicate that an F-250 with the Godzilla V8 under the hood and 3.55 rear axle ratio was able to achieve 15.5 MPG on a cross-country trip. Certainly, truck buyers don’t purchase for fuel economy, but it’s nice to know that the truck gets decent fuel economy.

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  1. CrabbyMilton

    I would still be more comfortable at changing oil at 5000. I just like an engine that has fresh clean oil in it.
    BTW, is BLUEBIRD going to use this engine in their VISION school bus? They are using the V10 for the gasoline and propane versions at the present time.

  2. Jeff E

    Should be “cam in block,” not “cam and block.”

    1. Shane McGlaun

      I pulled that from a quote attributed to the chief engineer from the program, I guess he could have misspoken but not being an engine guy myself I went with what he said:

      “We’ve put a lot of thought into the engine about making it bullet-proof, keep-it-simple so we went back to a cam and block design,” Ford Super Duty chief engineer Mike Pruitt said. “It’s a much smaller, compact engine with fewer parts. We wanted that commonality between ourselves as well as the medium-duty truck and keeping that simplification for maintenance purposes which is very important to the fleet business.”

      1. Sailorjack

        This will be a hit with motorhomes.!

  3. Matthew

    The new FORD 7.3 GODZILLA V8 has a Crankcase oil capacity of ??? Quarts.
    Wouldn’t that capacity be relevant to this article?

    1. josh

      manual says 8qts including oil filter

  4. Sideoiler

    Put it in a new 2 door Bronco

  5. Pete Musick

    My 2019 Mustang EcoBoost Premium has a 10,000mi oil change interval too.

  6. Bret Powell

    Looks like it could be a really good option for future marine applications too.

  7. josh

    manual says 8qts including oil filter

  8. David

    I have a 2020 F250 with the Godzilla V8 – I have 3200 miles so far and with mixed driving I do average 15.5mpg. The engine is a beast, tons of power, GREAT old school V8 sounds, etc. Do the math vs purchase of a diesel – if you don’t tow all the time and your are maybe heavy weekly, etc. this a great option. I put about 50K annually for work/pleasure on a vehicle – assuming a 6.7 diesel might get 19.2mpg and I get 15.5mpg – Costco sells diesel and regular for the same price in my area (currently $2.69/gallon) – payback at 50K miles per year and $10,000 premium for the diesel engine is over 6 years! If you drive less the payback will be much longer … no brainer.

  9. randy

    i went with 7.3 gas in a 2020 f250 i only have 600 miles so i cant tell about M P G yet but i can tell you one thing im SICK AND TIRED of power stroke diesel’s junk 6.0 6.4 6.7

  10. Peter

    I am averaging 14.8 mpg city/highway in normal shift selection, 15.9 eco mode. I am at where I was with my Toyota tundra, with a bigger and heavier truck. Very happy with this Godzilla engine.

  11. Ken

    My wife and I got the 2020 xlt f250 7.3 with 3:55 in magnetic.
    We haul a 7000# trailer twice a week, which returns 10 mpg doing so. When I’m just cruising without a load at highway speeds I’m getting 19 mpg. Now this is with no head winds and on flat roads. If I’m on a back highway at 55-60 mph, the computer says I’m getting 20 mpg and above. My pocketbook has certainly reflected it. Gasoline prices here in the Houston, TX area are anywhere from $1.60 to $2.
    Buying the 7.3 was a no brainer. My only problem is getting the cash for another one!

  12. Gary Rogers

    Only one word BEAST !!!!!!

  13. Jay Scala

    I have a F-550 with an extended cab and an 11′ Dejenna dump, Its a 2020. My wife bought it for me because she knew I would not buy it for myself. (Really wanted to) The diesels are not what they used to be and all I hear are horror stories. My 7.3 gas is Awesome , oldschool power and a 59 year old kid! 8.7 miles per gal. Get the job done and let the client pay for the fuel and oil changes. Which I will at 5000 miles. Its a religion with oil to me. Like “crabbymilton” said in Janurary , I like it fresh! First oil change this week!

  14. Ron

    I get 13.2mpg on a good day. And I don’t care. My vehicle is a 2020 F250 Tremor & fuel economy never entered my mind when I purchased it in January 2020.
    430 rears, 4wd, yadda, yadda, yadda.
    The truck has not failed at all. It does want to get stuck in deep sand, it hasn’t, but it tries…lol. I’m certain an air pressure adjustment & utilizing the deep sand setting would help…but again…Who Cares!! I’ve only ever bought Ford trucks, my big brother is a Chevy fan…so I guess I’ll pull him out when he gets stuck.

  15. Big Jack

    Order my 2021 F250 Tremor and took delivery Christmas Eve 2020. I now have almost 8k miles on it and could not be any happier with the motor nor the truck! Absolutely incredible!! For definitely hit a home run!

  16. crabbymilton

    Sounds like FORD actually did something right this time given the recent flubs.
    It’s still new but so far so good. I’m still gonna miss that old V10 unique exhaust note. There are plenty of BLUEBIRD school buses with that engine around here.

  17. Don B.

    I just purchased a new 2021 Thor Oulaw 40′ motorhome with the 7.3l. My 2018 Thor had the 6.8l V10. This new motor is considerably better in an RV chassis; smoother, quieter, better fuel economy, holds the gear better without always downshifting (screaming).
    I also have a 2021 F-250 Tremor but I prefer the diesel in that.

  18. Mark

    We purchased the 2020 f550 to with the 7.3 and it was a great power horse with that awesome 10 speed tran I can’t stand the smell of Diesel. But unfortunately at 17,200. Started to get a misfire on cyl 1. Wasn’t a simple plug wire. Diag was took just over 2 weeks. With internal issues. Something very rare for this just my luck tho. Still unable to drive. Waiting to hear updates. 🤔

    1. Dale Jenkins

      Have you heard anything about misfire cylinder 1?

  19. Crabbymilton

    Sheesh. Just goes to show you that they should have just kept the trusty old V10. FORD has proven time and time and again that they can’t make sure something is right before they release it for production. So make sure it’s right or leave it the way it is. Kind of like BOEING and some of their newer lemons.


    new Motorhome 2022 with V8, with brand new do you still wait 10,000 miles for oil change or being new, sooner?

    1. Crabbymilton

      Do it every 5k. Engines love fresh clean oil.

  21. JHTO

    New 2022 Winnabago 25B purchased in March 2021 with the 7.3 gas. Did first oil change at 1500 miles with the Motorcraft 5-30 syn blend and 820S filter. Only 1780 miles on motor now. Pulls an open trailer with Chevelle no problem.

  22. Bos

    Love the throaty engine sounds. E450 super duty with Gulf Stream Class C camper, 14,500 gvwr.

    So far no issues at all. Nice performance and power. Have not towed anything as of yet and typically getting 10-11 mpg average mpg.

    Just changed oil and filter for the first time (at 5000 miles) and was charged for 8 quarts.


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