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Ford F-150 10R80 Transmission Class Action Lawsuit Filed


Another Ford F-150 10R80 transmission class action lawsuit has been filed. The lawsuit alleges that occupants inside the truck can suffer whiplash because of how hard and erratically the transmission shifts. The 10-speed transmission in the lawsuit was jointly developed by GM and is found in multiple cars and trucks sold by both automakers.

The Ford 10R80 transmission lawsuit that was filed in August of 2019 was on behalf of owners in Illinois. The new 10-speed transmission lawsuit is on behalf of owners in Pennsylvania who formerly or currently own a 2017 to 2020 Ford F-150 truck that uses the 10-speed. The owner who filed the lawsuit alleges that he purchased a 2018 F-150 SuperCab in September 2018 when the truck had 10-miles on the odometer. The owner claims that by 6,000 miles, the truck was making loud clanking noise from the 10-speed transmission that caused rough shifting and shift times that were much too long.

The suit claims that the transmission caused the truck to decelerate and created safety hazards while driving. After bringing the truck to the dealership, he was told that there was no fix for the issue because all F-150 trucks made the same noise. He was allegedly told that the slipping and jerking was normal for all 10R80 transmissions. The suit says that Ford knew or should have known about the transmission problems that cause hard shifting, jerking, lunging, and hesitation between gears.

Ford has issued a pair of TSBs concerning the 10-speed transmission in the 2017-2018 F-150 pickups that are for “harsh or bumpy shifting, downshift, or engagement concerns.” Those TSBs had the dealership reprogram the powertrain control module. The plaintiff, in this case, claims that Ford should pay damages to all affected customers and order a recall to fix the defective transmission. The case covers all impacted owners in Pennsylvania.

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  1. John Q Public

    Whiplash? Seriously?

  2. Not an ambulance chaser

    This lawsuit is ridiculous. Lawyers! :/

  3. Ford technician

    Yes whip lash. You should be in one that suddenly slams in to low gear at 70mph. Or 40mph. It causes whip lash and is very dangerous. Just another recall for ford. Imagine that.

  4. Darrell B. Morrison

    My 2017 Ford F-150 does not shift from first gear to second gear, but from first to third gear. In a parking lot, it is a concern, because it lunged forward at times, and may cause an accident or hit a pedestrian. I have to step on the brake quickly to slow the truck down.

  5. john crossley

    I own one The suit is not ridiculous. There is a serious safety issue here.

  6. George Colbow

    I bought my F150 with the 10R80 Transmission before I heard of the Suite. My Truck has been in and out of the Dealerships for the past year with no fix to my clanging and banging transmission and drive train. I had a complaint into Ford and they refused to fix the problem even after the Dealership witnessed the truck clanging and banging, it has had all the SB and recalls done to the truck to try to fix the truck. I have now taken the issue to the BBB for arbitration with Ford.

  7. Robert Brinson

    My 2017 Ford Raptor has been in the shop 2 times now for a total of 5 months so far. Each time having the transmission repaired. 48 months of ownership and 5 months of it I have not had my truck to drive.

    It is currently at the dealer now going into its 4th month at the dealership for the second transmission repair. They have tried and can not fix it. I am actually seeking legal help now. I have all the paperwork and documentation.

    It has had the front hubs replaced, the rear axle seal changed. the right turbo changed, the transmission rebuilt and torque converter replaced, the heated seat quit, the oil pan leaks from every side, and the vacuum check valve for the 4wd hubs replaced 2 times.

    I have never had the truck off-road and it has been a pavement princess its whole life I would hate to know how bad it would be if I actually had to use it as a real 4wd truck.

    Ford needs to accept the fact that they have a HUGE issue with these transmissions.

  8. Robert Smith

    How can I get on this class action suit? I purchased a 2018 2 years ago and it’s doing exactly what this says. I just paid 650 bucks for absolutely nothing because it’s still doing this.

  9. Darrell

    I nearly damaged my truck in an icy parking lot at work. I was picking up a passenger by the exit door as we were leaving the workplace. I knew it was icy and was driving slowly in Auto 1. Then it switched to Auto 3. The vehicle lunged forward and i started sliding towards the steel posts beside me. I know breaking isn’t an option on ice, so I gave it a bit of acceleration to control the slide and pull away from the steel fence post! I came so close to damaging my truck. Now think of this if someone in a parking lot walked out in front of you, especially kids, and it lunged forward. The explanation i got from this experience is that this happens to make the transition more smoother and better, optimal performance? Not! It is more a liability/safety issue in my book.

  10. Paul

    Whoever said the lawsuit is ridiculous either doesn’t own a Ford F-150 or is generally clueless. I own a 2019 F-150 4 WD Super Cab with the 10R80 model transmission and have experienced all of the issues. From a stand-still, the transmission can slip momentarily and then jarringly slam into gear. When slowing to turn a corner, the transmission can slip long enough that the truck rolls to a stop before finally lunging and taking off. On many occasions, the transmission fails to upshift for long periods of time or downshifts randomly causing the vehicle speed to reduce and the engine rpm to increase dangerously…….. especially when towing our travel trailer. In addition to being inconvenient and being unsafe, it will significantly reduce the resale value….. if i can sell it at all.

  11. David

    Hi, my truck is doing this. I live in Canada. Is there a similar case in Canada?


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