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Ford Fiesta Is Best Selling Car Of 2019 In The UK

The Ford Fiesta may not have been a popular car in the U.S., leading to Ford ending it and all other cars in the States other than the Mustang. The Fiesta continues to do very well in the UK and has been ranked as the best selling new and used car of 2019.

The data on used sales for the Ford Fiesta comes from used car site AA Cars. The Ford Fiesta was also the most popular car that was financed according to data from Close Brothers. Behind the Fiesta for the second and third place used cars was the Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Focus, respectively.

Those two models have fought for the second-place spot in used car sales figures in the UK since 2015. For new car sales in the UK, the Ford Fiesta was again in the lead. The Fiesta sold almost 20,000 units more than the second place model, and data from December is outstanding.

More than 73,000 Fiesta models were sold in the UK in 2019 for the first 11 months. Ford also had several other models in the top ten for new car sales in the UK, including the Ford Focus and Ford Kuga. Experts think the list might change next year as electric cars are expected to be more popular. A recent report claims that two in five people in the UK were thinking about an EV for their next car purchase, signaling a potential change in the new car sales mix for the UK in 2020. Ford has its own Mustang Mach-E EV going on sale in late 2020. In other Ford Fiesta news, some Focus and Fiesta cars in the U.S. received an extended warranty on the transmission as lawsuits over an allegedly defective DPS6 transmission continue.

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Source: Express

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    Most U.S. drivers still believe that an SUV is a better vehicle, and imported cars are better than domestics. I feel very ashamed as a native U.S. citizen (born in New York) at that attitude as I own a Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan. European citizens are more practical as their roads and city streets are less accessible than U.S. cities, and they need smaller cars. Ford is very successful selling small and medium sedans there (including a wagon version of the Fusion/Mondeo), so if Ford wants (their executives must change their way of thinking) to sell more in Europe, then Ford must produced more hybrids and electric versions of their small and medium cars. Ford is falling into same gutter that GM is, and by 2040 both companies will lose all domestic and international sales, making the foreign brands the only world wide producers and seller of cars!


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