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Ford Fiesta Sold Nearly Twice As Many Units As The Honda Fit In 2019

Many people continue to be surprised that Ford pulled all of its cars from the States and stopped production in 2019. Despite Ford ending production of the cars, aside from the Ford Mustang, last year, sales for Ford cars remained strong. The final totals are in for the Ford Fiesta, and it outsold its Honda Fit competition nearly two to one in 2019.

The solid sales numbers for the Fiesta saw a total of 60,148 units sold in 2019. Those are the strongest sales numbers for the Fiesta since 2015 when the car sold 64,458 units in its strongest year in the last six years of sales. Ford sold that many Fiestas despite a significant decline in Q4 2019 due to shrinking supply.

2019 Ford Fiesta

Steep discounts certainly pushed some of the sales as Ford dealers tried to clear remaining Fiesta models off the lot. However, some of the deals were undoubtedly made by those who knew that this was the last chance to get Ford’s smallest compact car. You can see the chart below with Fiesta sales numbers for the previous six years for comparison.

Sales Results - USA - Fiesta

YearJanFebMar AprMayJunJul AugSepOctNov DecTotal
2021 51 51
20201,410 966347 145159 11075 4218 1151 03,334
20195,314 5,3145,314 7,3917,391 7,3914,906 4,9064,906 2,9862,380 1,94960,148
20183,775 3,5594,964 3,1515,110 4,8003,928 3,9383,293 5,6655,238 4,30951,730
20173,575 3,9815,488 3,3294,181 4,0263,582 4,2473,730 3,4183,035 3,65746,249
20162,560 3,7544,549 4,4626,150 4,0644,092 4,9464,230 3,3812,847 3,77248,807
20153,454 3,7084,948 5,9829,426 7,9715,491 5,8926,996 3,6183,422 3,55064,458
20144,162 4,8446,592 5,8247,209 6,4507,545 5,5924,185 3,6293,436 3,72463,192
*** This manufacturer is now publishing only quarterly numbers for this market. Monthly figures may be averages.

As for sales numbers of the Honda Fit, Honda sold 35,414 Fits in 2019, up only a few units from the 35,300 units it sold in 2018. Other cars in the Fiesta’s segment that were outsold by the discontinued Ford for the year include the Hyundai Accent, with only 25,628 units sold. It also outsold the Toyota Yaris, which moved only 2,181 units for the year.

Reports have indicated that Korean automakers like Hyundai are seeing significant gains in car sales after Ford stopped making its cars. Despite Ford seemingly discontinuing vehicles that were popular with buyers, the Blue Oval seems to have no regret for its decision. It would prefer only to sell high margin and more profitable pickups and SUVs. Ford reported its overall sales numbers for Q4 2019 recently.

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  1. JasonF

    One of the worst things in this is Ford no longer offers any affordable vehicles anymore. Their cheapest vehicle now starts at $23,400 (NOT including their significant destination fee as well as the acquisition fee, of course).
    Automakers currently selling more affordable vehicles than Ford’s lowest priced offering (sorry if I missed any):
    Hyundai & Kia – Kia – five vehicles
    Hyundai – two vehicles
    VW – two vehicles
    Honda – two vehicles
    Chevrolet – two vehicles
    Nissan – three vehicles for less (including one that starts at $15,980)
    Mazda – one vehicle (though barely less).
    Toyota – three vehicles (though one is a hatch variant of another)
    Mitsubishi – three vehicles (again, one is a hatch variant)

    Ford basically got rid of the one vehicle that kept them competitive in the affordable vehicle market, once again quitting rather than being more competitive to make gains. It seems Ford only ever knows how to cut production these days and produce ever-more-limited choices. They are going to learn sooner or later that you cannot truly cut your way to real growth.


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