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Ford Mustang Bullitt vs Toyota GR Supra Drag Race: Video

We’ve seen several videos that pit the Mustang GT against the Toyota GR Supra with drag races and at lap times at the track. We have seen videos with stock Mustang GT against a stock Supra and videos of modified cars pitted against each other. So far, near as we can tell, the cars are pretty evenly matched, and often it’s a driver’s race. Another drag race video has turned up, and this time it pits a Ford Mustang Bullitt against a Toyota Supra.

The Ford Mustang Bullitt has more power packing 338 kW and 529 Nm of torque. The Supra, on the other hand, has 250 kW of power and 500 Nm of torque. The big thing going in the Supra’s favor is it’s lighter than the Mustang.

In this race, it looks like the driver of the Supra decided to heat up the tires, while the Mustang driver didn’t. The Supra has some will spin off the line allowing the Bullitt to gain the advantage off the line, but the Supra comes back and ultimately wins the race.

The 1/4 mile times were 12.53-seconds for the Supra and exactly a second slower for the Bullitt Mustang at 13.53-seconds. We still can’t help but think the Mustang driver could’ve done better. One thing working against the Mustang in a drag race situation is the six-speed manual transmission compared to the Supra’s automatic. Automatics are faster for drag racing. Check out another stock versus stock Mustang versus Supra drag race here. You can also check out the modified Mustang versus modified Supra drag race here.

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  1. Jim Robertson

    Kw and Nm? Wait, whaaaat??? Are we comparing Refrigerators? I hope that’s a typo, because I’m lost. Did you mean HP, and TQ?

  2. nauticalone

    Yeah, the Bullitt driver gear changes look slow!


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