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Ford Mustang Mach-E Demand Is Strong At Dealership In Tesla’s Backyard

Right now, Telsa has the most popular EVs by far, mostly because no one else was playing in the segment with a car that was close in range to what Telsa offers. That all changed in November when Ford went to Tesla’s backyard to unveiled the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Controversial name aside, the Mach-E is an impressive SUV with a driving range up to 300 miles and serious performance in some models.

Not long ago, Ford gave out some details on the sold-out Ford Mustang Mach-E First Edition, but a spokesperson said that the automaker wasn’t ready to talk about reservation numbers. A Ford dealer called Sunnyvale Ford in the heart of Silicon Valley has no qualms talking about its reservation numbers and the response to the Mach-E.

Sunnyvale Ford is located blocks from Tesla, and the dealership is raving about the response received to the Mach-E. Steven Fuentes of Sunnyvale Ford says that the dealership received 40 reservations in a single night for the car. He says that the dealership is now up to 100 reservations. Fuentes says that the Mach-E is one of the biggest game-changers that we’ve ever had. Fuentes also noted that he believes that the market is “ripe and ready” for something other than Tesla.

Califonia is huge for EVs, and Ford has stated that one in four buyers of the Mach-E First Edition was from California. It’s not only Californians who are ordering the Mach-E. People from all over the country are interested in the EV with one person who reserved a Mach-E saying that he would have bought a Chevy Bolt, but the car wasn’t attractive and that he didn’t trust Tesla. Another Ford dealership in Ann Arbor, Michigan, called Varsity Ford, says that he has 70 orders for the Mach-E already. That’s just two of Ford’s massive dealer network.

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Source: Detroit Free Press

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  1. Andrew Christian

    I’m really excited for the Mach-E although I, and the rest of the world seem baffled by the “Mustang” part. I still would like to see a sedan based on the same electric platform to round out Ford’s offering. Yes, SUVs are en-vogue, but there are still going to be plenty of buyers who want a smaller vehicle.

    Regardless, it seems like a home run for Ford. Hopefully they’ve learned from their Explorer/Aviator launch and can not eff this one up!

  2. 3 Fords Owner

    I like the name Mach-E. Just keep the Mustang name off of it.


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