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Grandma’s 1969 Ford Thunderbird Has A 429 Cubic-Inch V8

For a lot of Ford Thunderbird fans, it’s the first-generation two-seater cars that are their favorites. We prefer the early ‘60s models around here. Later in the ‘60s, Ford moved to a different design, as seen on this 1969 Ford Thunderbird, and we have to admit we aren’t fans. Many classic Ford car collectors feel the same way, which is why very clean Thunderbirds of this vintage can often be had for a song. This 1969 Ford Thunderbird for sale is a perfect example with an asking price of only $9,500.

The seller says that the two-door Thunderbird is immaculate on the outside and inside. The car is in perfect running order and has a massive 429 cubic-inch V8 engine, according to the seller. As a California car its entire life, there is no rust that a potential buyer would have to deal with.

The car has new brakes and tires and comes with all records, including the original window sticker. The current seller is only the second owner, with their grandmother being the original owner. After grandma passed away, the car transitioned to the current seller. It’s painted in a color called Diamond Blue and has Nugget Gold vinyl interior, which looks more like beige to us.

Options include air conditioning, AM radio, power brakes, power steering, and the tilt steering wheel. Everything on the car is said to be original. It also comes with three original hubcaps, and we aren’t sure if that means it’s missing a hubcap or if the four on the car currently are reproductions. On more popular classic Ford models, it would be sacrilege to modify a car that’s so original. In the instance of the not so popular 1969 Thunderbird, the car with its big 429 cubic-inch V8 might make a good platform for an unorthodox drag car or street rod.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Andrew Sommers

    Ya I don’t understand how you can’t love the looks?? This is one of the best looking if not the best looking Fords of the 60’s!! I know I have 3 different generations of the birds and after my 57 this is my favourite car!!!

  2. Mike K

    Another article written by someone who probably wasn’t born yet when these cars were common and has little to no idea what they’re talking about. – the only Option on this car is the air conditioning, the rest was standard equipment.
    That much aside, these were a truly unique generation of Thunderbird, having owned a ’67. IMO these were the most “driver’s car” of Thunderbird up until the Turbo and Super coupe.
    Acceleration was more than acceptable (the Thunder-jet 429 appropriately named) keeping pace with many performance cars of the era, braking was phenomenal for a car of their weight – the suspension geometry allowed for the car to be stopped “flat” by the big multi-piston front disks, no tail in the air nose dive panic stops here.
    High speed cornering was excellent,
    Body roll was significant being that the car was spring for a comfortable ride but anyone not intimidated by that found the road holding quite good.
    The styling was bold, aggressive in appearance yet still elegant.
    The interior gave the driver the feeling of the cockpit of a personal jet with the gauges business-like and set into brushed stainless, the console wrapping around the driver and similarly appointed in stainless.
    Seating and decor throughout was business-like yet luxurious throughout.
    As I said, this generation was unique, it didn’t appeal do the average luxury car buyer – sales weren’t phenomenal not because of any shortcoming but it’s bold styling.

  3. Dan Fogg

    That’s a Great Car. If I didn’t live in Florida I would like to buy it. When I was 10 my parents had a 68 Thunderbird. I loved it, I always wanted to drive it. But my parents never let me. I don’t know why. We had all kinds of back roads in Wisconsin where we lived. Who ever buys this car will enjoy Driving it.

  4. Dan Fogg

    Mike I did notice one thing about this Thunderbird. It has manuel windows. I know that the 68 had the choice of power or manual windows, because the 68 that we had came with power windows and power seats. It also had power mirrors. I know for sure because I was getting in trouble for playing with them.

  5. John

    Still have the 68 sitting . Was a great ride and very comfortable. Definitely built for the highway. Raising 4 kids killed the time and money I had to spend on and with it. Great memories.


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