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Iowa State Trooper Video Shows Ford Pickup Out Of Control: Video

Anyone who lives in a cold-weather state has seen people fly by them on the highways when it’s snowy or icy at speeds that do not match the conditions. While not all who do that are driving pickups with four-wheel-drive often, it seems that drivers of four-wheel-drive trucks or SUVs automatically think they can drive faster than everyone else. Video from the Iowa State Patrol has been published on Twitter that shows a trooper and a citizen come very close to being hit by an out-of-control Ford Pickup.

The video shows the officer in his safety jacket walking around another vehicle, which is said to be a delivery truck of some sort. The video shows a white Ford pickup lose control and the highway and slide off the shoulder directly towards the officer and other person on what appears to be the shoulder of the road.

From the way the pickup loses traction completely and slides off the road in virtually the same spot as the other vehicle, there must be ice on the road. The Ford truck slides off the road at a high rate of speed, narrowly missing the citizen standing there. To make matters worse, the pickup had an unsecured load in its bed.

As soon the pickup slides into the side of the other vehicle, everything in the bed of the truck comes out, sending debris flying. According to the Iowa State Patrol, the trooper and occupants in the pickup were not seriously injured in the accident. This is more proof that you need to drive to the conditions and not based on how confident you are in your four-wheel-drive and driving skills. Had the Ford pickup slid off the road seconds earlier, someone could have died.

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