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Long McArthur 2020 Ford F-150 Cattleman Pickup: Video

What many ranchers want when it comes to a pickup for work isn’t a fancy full leather four-door truck with the biggest engine available. What many ranchers want is a basic work truck with a few features they need for work. Work trucks get beat up, cows lean on them, and dent things, and they tend to be muddy a lot. Long McArthur Ford has a truck that many farmers and ranchers might find to be perfect for their needs called the 2020 Ford F-150 Cattleman.

The dealership takes a basic single-cab Ford F-150 XL series truck to create the 2020 Ford F-150 Cattleman pickup. Options from the factory include a 5.0-liter V8 engine paired up with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Options include four-wheel-drive, a 3.73 electronic locking rear axle, black platform running boards, and a Class IV trailer hitch.

On top of that basic pickup, Long McArthur adds its Cattleman Package that brings with it a 2-inch suspension level kit, four-wheel alignment, Fuel 35-inch all-terrain tires, and XD black 18-inch wheels. The speedometer is recalibrated, and the truck has a Rhino Pro spray-in bed liner added. Cattleman bedside graphics are added, windows are tinted, and a Ranchhand grille guard is added.

Long McArthur has several of these trucks made up and ready to go at $39,999 each after a $4,000 discount. The sticker price for the truck alone is $38,000. Available colors include Blue Jeans Metallic, Race Red, and Oxford White. The package price for the additions is $5,999. The lift, wheels, and tires may be a bit much for some ranchers, but it’s not a bad price for what you get. Ranchers who want something that can tow more and is fancier could check out the F-250 Baja the dealership offers.

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Source: Long McArthur Ford

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  1. Ryan

    Nice idea, the rims are a little much though. Aluminum cracks anyways, I would’ve preferred to save some money on the rims and put towing mirrors on, with a trailer you can’t see anything out of the little stock ones. But overall it’s a cool package. Everyone gripes about auto dealerships (usually for good reason) but customizing products for the local market like this is one of the advantages of the dealer model.

    1. LNF150

      I don’t live to far from this dealership, so I’ll go check this truck out. They hit the nail on the head about the people who really want that back to the basics 4×4. It sounds simple, but when you try to find a work truck in today’s world with manual windows and door locks, that is almost a special order in itself. I wish they would have gone with a Thunder Struck grill guard instead of a Ranch Hand. That would have supported another local business with this package. Yet, I think it is a good package that was well thought out, not only for local needs but it fits the region too.


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