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Senator Claims Trump’s Fuel Economy Rollback Will Cost Drivers More

A Democratic U.S. Senator called Tom Carper from Delaware has come out against the fuel economy rollback proposed by President Trump. According to Carper, who is a Democrat out of Delaware, the proposal will cost drivers more at the fuel pump. Carper feels that the claims by President Trump and his administration that rolling back the significantly more stringent fuel economy rules enacted during the Obama administration will reduce the price of owning a new car are false.

The Trump administration maintains that by rolling back fuel economy standards, the price of new cars will decline allowing more Americans to purchase new vehicles that are safer and more fuel-efficient. Senator Carper wrote a letter to the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs this week, noting that President Trump’s proposal would add up to about $1,461 more in lifetime operating costs for the less fuel-efficient vehicles.

According to Carper, the more expensive operating costs will offset the savings of $1,083 on the sticker price that President Trump’s plan claims car buyers will see. The White House submitted its final version of the fuel economy rollback plan to the White House Office of Management and Budget for final review earlier this month. The exact details of President Trump’s plan have yet to be revealed to the public.

The plan is expected to reduce the required annual fleetwide average fuel economy increase for automakers for the years 2021 through 2026 to 1.5 percent from the Obama era requirement of 5 percent. Senator Carper doesn’t feel like President Trump’s plan does enough. Carper wrote in his letter that the plan would “dramatically” weaken future vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards without the safety or economic benefits that the Trump administration claims.

President Trump maintains that rolling back the strict Obama-era fuel economy standards will reduce the price of new vehicles by about $3,000. Numbers revealed by the EPA and others claim significantly less savings equating to the $1,083, according to Carper’s letter. President Trump’s plan will be revealed to the public after the review is complete.

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Source: The Detroit News

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  1. CrabbyMilton

    That’s typical of the Democrats. They want people to drive golf carts with chainsaw engines or little electric corn popper cars that can hold 2 people. The biggest vehicles today are much more fuel efficient that they were decades ago anyway and if not SO WHAT? Most people want comfort and safety first. I’ll never forget at TV news editorial back in the ’70’s. The newsman was commenting on the so called fuel crisis and that they drive small cars over in Europe. Then he ended his editorial by saying “Would it be such a burden for us to drive small cars too?”
    Looking back I would have to say yes. It’s not America’s fault that Europe and Japan for that matter can’t get it collective head out of it’s rear end and get a handle on fuel prices and abolish other socialist based taxation. But we were supposed to be just like them according to that idiot reporter. This particular reporter passed away a few years ago but I would bet that he didn’t drive a small car back then but there’s no way of knowing.
    What President wants to do should have been done long ago and better yet, never got into the energy crisis crap in the first place. Yes, I believe a big car can be built that’s as big as the biggest with the fuel efficiency of the smallest someday.

  2. trailhiker

    I think he is wrong. The plan will still cost drivers less and cars will emit less greenhouse gas than they do today.
    A steady gradual increase is the way to go.
    Go after those mega cargo ships!
    Just the 15 largest ships emit as much nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide as all the world’s cars.

  3. Rich

    That ass hole Craper can’t be trusted to give a truthful report. Has anyone ever paid more when restriction were lifted—HELL NO. Craper is a lying corrupt democrat that should be impeached as a traitor to the United States.
    His name alone is is the bowls of the earth.

  4. Dave

    Senator Carper wants the masses to drive fuel efficient econo boxes so there will be
    plenty of fuel for the congresional fleet of chauffeur-driven limousines. Typical


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