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This 2000 Ford Super Duty Has Over A Million Miles: Video

This 80-year-old man purchased the 2000 Ford Super Duty pickup you see behind him in 2000 brand-new. He’s been driving the truck ever since then, and he drives a lot. The 2000 Ford Super Duty has over 1 million miles on the odometer, and the man is still driving it. The man says he always owned a Ford, and when buying his pickup, that’s what he went with.

He purchased the Super Duty pickup to run a hotshot business to help pay off a home he purchased after he retired decades ago. He says by the time the truck got up to 600,000 miles, he began to wonder just how far it would go. Eventually, the truck went through 1,100,000 miles and is still running strong.

The truck is on its original manual transmission, rear end, and original diesel engine. He does say that the clutch and pressure plate have been replaced in the past. He says that the transmission and the rear end of the truck has never been touched.

Over all the years and miles, the truck has gone through a number of starters, alternators, and batteries. He says that he wore the steering box out and that had to be replaced, but that’s to be expected with over a million miles on the truck. One secret to the longevity of the truck, according to the owner, is using Ford parts, including Motorcraft oil and filters.

He says when he first started doing his hotshot business, the truck had 2,500 miles on it. In his prime work years, he was driving as many as 10,000 miles per month. The truck hit 1 million miles in May 2012, and he even noted the mile marker he was at on I-10 when the milestone was reached. To say he’s kept meticulous records would be an understatement. We wonder if the 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty MegaRexx that is for sale could go this many miles

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  1. metfanlou

    Congrats! What comes through on this interview with this wonderful man is MAINTENANCE, MAINTENANCE AND MAINTENANCE and really good records. Of course having a great truck helps too. A lot of folks don’t do maintenance because they think it costs too much and will wait till something breaks. Wrong! Just a wonderful guy and would love to spend a day riding with him and shootin’ the breeze. I would learn a lot!


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