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This Company Will Build You A Mad Max Ford Falcon

For a lot of car guys and gals, one of the iconic movie cars was the Ford Falcon that Mad Max drove. Anyone who’s ever wanted to have their own “last of the V8 interceptors” can have one. A company called Mad Max Cars will sell the parts to convert a Ford Falcon into the famed V8 interceptor or will build you a complete turnkey ride.

The turnkey option has the company do all the work of finding a suitable Ford Falcon donor car. Those who already own a suitable donor car can hand it over for the transformation. Once the car is found, the teardown and restoration begin. The car is restored to the “newest possible condition.”

The vehicle is finished with a show quality build from top to bottom. The process includes the disassembly, cleaning, and restoration along with surface prep or full media blast stripping. After that is done the panels are repaired and treated for long term corrosion resistance.

The steering and suspension are rebuilt with the performance or OEM parts. The engine, transmission, and rear are rebuilt as needed or desired by the buyer. Inside, the car gets all new carpet, seat covers, and headliner. The rubber seals are all replaced. Then all the custom Mad Max Ford Falcon parts are installed. After all the custom parts are installed, the car receives a show quality paint job.

The company admits that there can be a lot more that goes into a nut and bolt restoration and conversion. Pricing on the cars isn’t offered, but we do know the raw body kit for the front of the car costs about $6,000. The company will make cars for the States and ships them around the world. We’d wager this Mad Max Ford Falcon is much cheaper than buying an Eleanor reproduction.

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Source: Mad Max Cars

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