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This Ford Camper Van Is Built On A 1993 F-350 Ambulance

A Ford camper van is very cool with the downside being that there aren’t that many of them in the States and the available ones tend to be expensive. This cost has led many people to build their own custom Ford camper van, we’ve seen one built using a retired bus. In this case, a retired 1993 Ford F-350 4×4 diesel ambulance was used.

The outside of the camper van looks pretty much exactly as it did when it acted as an ambulance for a small fire department. The owner says that the ambulance had low miles and was well-maintained by the fire department. The camper van uses a 7.3-liter IDI diesel engine that the owner says has no electronics and is very cheap to maintain. It has only 39,700 miles the odometer with fuel economy in the 10-14 MPG range.

The builder says that the vehicle has a gross rating of 17,000 pounds, and while it weighs about 10,000 pounds as is, it can still tow and an additional 7,000 pounds. The 4×4 drivetrain allows it to go just about anywhere. Since it was an ambulance, it has a pass-through allowing you to walk from the cab into the camper box.

The caveat is that the actual camper area in the back isn’t very nice and lacks some amenities that you normally see in a camper van. It has no integrated stove, and it has no refrigerator. The bed is tiny, but the video says it will sleep two people. The bed area is also the dinette with a fold-down section with an extra cushion that lays on top for sleeping. Other features include a 6000 BTU propane heater and air ride suspension with an onboard compressor. The RV is for sale, but no price is mentioned. A web address is given in the video to get more information.

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  1. Fx4man

    bad idea.. magnet for people thinking you’re medically
    trained and able to run somebody to an ER. The person
    dies by the time you tell them you’re just camping… HUGE FAIL


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