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UAW President Rory Gamble Under Federal Investigation

When Gary Jones stepped down as UAW president, the acting president the union chose to replace him was Rory Gamble. The UAW later appointed Gamble as president through 2022 when the union will elect a new President. Gamble penned a letter to UAW members promising to reform corruption and make the union what it should have been. Federal agents are now investigating Gamble in the expanding kickback and bribery scandal and are said to be probing financial ties between Gamble, retired VP Jimmy Settles, and one of the union’s highest-paid vendors.

Agents are looking into whether UAW leaders received kickbacks or bribes in exchange for contracts to a Huntington Woods businessman called Jason Gordon to supply union-branded merchandise. Agents are reportedly investigating a tip that secret cash payments were delivered to UAW officials at a strip club in Detroit called Bouzouki Greektown.

Federal documents, interviews, and public records shed light on Gordon and provided new detail on Rory Gamble. In response to the investigation, Gamble said that he would not have accepted the role of president if he was unable to “withstand the scrutiny.” While the official investigation has been announced, the probe is ongoing, and the team of investigators hasn’t proven any of the allegations. Gordon hasn’t been charged with wrongdoing and denies all allegations.

Gamble maintains that under his watch, he will eliminate financial improprieties that aim to rob members of their money. He says that his focus is to restore the trust of union members and to strengthen the union financial controls, oversight, and accounting system. The allegations make Gamble the third UAW president linked to the years-long federal investigation. Investigators have accused the union of not cooperating with the investigation.

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Source: The Detroit News

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    Well it appears that the UAW lost that ‘gamble’!!


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