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UK Car Thief Locks Himself Inside Stolen Ford Vehicle

The West Midlands Police Department in England was able to apprehend a rather dumb criminal recently. The police department reports that officers in Newtown were called for reports of a man acting suspiciously. When they arrived at the scene, they found a man locked inside of a Ford vehicle with no way out.

The officers say that the car was stolen and was being driven on false license plates. Since the man couldn’t get out of the vehicle, they used a baton to smash the window and arrest the subject. The department’s Twitter page says that the thief is locked up again, but this time inside of a cell.

The department gives no details on how the man came to be stuck inside the Ford vehicle without being able to get out. Typically you can hit the unlock button or pull the door handle to open the doors, even if the doors are locked. Perhaps it was merely that the criminal didn’t want to get out of the vehicle. There is no word on if the owner of the vehicle has been notified.

This certainly isn’t the dumbest criminal we’ve ever seen. Last year two men argued over if Ford or Chevy was better, and the argument escalated to a shooting. Thankfully, in that case, no one was seriously injured. The good news in both of those cases is the people responsible for the crimes were arrested and will undoubtedly serve their time in jail.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    The police should have contacted the owner by identifying the VIN (always visible from the outside). Then the owner could had opened the vehicle with no damages. I hope the owner’s insurance will cover the damages completely, since the criminal will never pay for them.


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