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What’s Faster a Tuned EcoBoost F-150 Or Tuned Coyote F-150: Video

When it comes time to buy a new truck for many buyers who are partial to the Ford F-150, the debate comes down to which engine do you get. Do you get the EcoBoost V6 with its modern twin-turbo power, or do you get the venerable Coyote 5.0-liter V8? To settle this debate, the gang over at American Trucks got two virtually identical Ford F-150 pickups and put them on the dyno and took them to the dragstrip in both stock and tuned flavors.

Both of the trucks feature the Ford 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission, 33-inch tires, and 3.55 gears. The Lightning Blue 2017 EcoBoost F-150 has the 3.5-liter turbo V6 engine. The Lead Foot Gray Coyote F-150 has the latest version of the 5.0-liter V8 engine.

After the stock dyno runs and quarter-mile times are recorded, both trucks received their respective 93 octane Bama tunes using an SCT SF4/X4 Power Flash tuner. The tune was the only modification done to either of the pickups. The dyno runs were done in 5th gear due to the factory speed limiters of the trucks.

The EcoBoost dyno run showed stock power at the wheels of 321 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque. After the tune, the truck put 373 horsepower and 403 pounds-feet of torque to the tires. The Coyote F-150 was next on the dyno. Stock numbers were 353 horsepower and 341 pound-feet of torque to the wheels. On the tune, the 5.0-liter V8 made 366 horsepower and 355 pound-feet of torque at the wheels.

Down at the dragstrip, the trucks were virtually dead even with the stock EcoBoost F-150 putting down a 14.64 at 93 mph run while the stock Coyote put down a 14.66 run at 95 mph. With the tunes installed, the EcoBoost made a 14.35 at 95 mph run while the Coyote ran a 14.56 at 95 mph. It looks like the EcoBoost is the dragstrip and dyno champion if all you want to do is a tune.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. van bond jr

    Although I love V8 engines, this is part of the reason I say ford just Nix their whole V8 lineup (besides diesels) and ramp up their Ecoboost platform. Honestly, Ford has enough knowledge with their ecoboost platform (along with borrowing tech from the Coyote, Voodoo and predator platforms) to make some seriously killer ecoboost vehicles. Not to mention their Hybrid-10 speed setup on the 3.0L twin turbo V6. Seeing that Ford is already dragging the mustang name into the ground with the Mach-E. It’s time for Ford to drop the mustang altogether, bring out a Mustang Inspired CD6 Falcon sedan. Give it mustang inspired cues like the lights, the grille, the overall fastback shape, the Mach-E tail lamps, Mach-E style headlamps, a Mustang inspired interior, And drop a lineup of performance Ecoboost engines under the hood. Upgrade the 2.3L Ecoboost to a cross plane crank setup, give it 355hp/375tq, a 10-speed auto transmission, Mustang GT level suspension, Brembo brakes, AWD, etc and have that be the entry level performance car. Stepping up from that would be the 3.0L twin turbo V6 pushing 405hp/415lb-ft of torque with a 10-speed auto and Mustang GT Performance Pack Level-1 suspension with AWD, Brembo brakes and optional magnetic ride. The next engine option would be the 450hp/510lb-ft 3.5L V6 pumped up to 475hp but still with 510lb/ft of torque. This car would have two different setups. The first setup would be to have a derivative of the Mustang GT Performance Pack-2 Magnetic ride suspension with a 10-speed auto, Brembo brakes, certain Aero upgrades, and a few other things. The second variant would have a derivative of the GT350 suspension and braking systems, wider wheels and tires, unique aero and interior with the 7-speed DCT unit, and a few other things. Both with have optional electric locking rear differentials and other high performance upgrades. Above that would be the third 3.5L V6 powered car producing 647hp and 550lb-ft of torque with GT500 derived equipment. A 3.0L Hybrid setup should be available with 494hp and 630lb-ft of torque along with a fully electric variant. Alot of those number out power the factory V8 engines that Ford has, and these are all engines that not only does ford currently have, but nearly all of them are used in the current ford CD6 platform vehicles (explorer/Aviator) which means the Ford could easily use these engines in future Ford Explorer variants along with a Falcon sedan. No to mention these are stock tuned engines. I may have used a bit of creativity with the 2.3L and the cross plane crank but its not like a cross plane crank 4-cylinder doesn’t exist (Yamaha R1). Taking what Ford has learned in their Modular V8 engines, the V6 engines could easily mimic the current modular V8 engines in not only appearance but structurally using all of the same technology just in a smaller 6-cylinder shell. It also gives Ford performance some new stuff to play with and open up new parts for ford to Market. Ford Performance already Partners with euro company Mountune on the Raptor, The Focus RS and a few of the other Ecoboost platforms, What would stop them from Partnering on the Falcon/Explorer platform with upgrades such as tuners, intercoolers, injectors, waste gates, blow off valves, downpipes, exhausts, suspension upgrades, wheels, brakes, Aero upgrades, etc. Partnering with companies outside of Borla that do titanium exhaust systems (Akrapovic, HKS & Greddy) and all sorts of stuff. Seeing that Ford will be partnering with VW on a few things, maybe Ford can convince VW to let them use some of the same designers that work with Audi on their interiors so that Ford can have a better interior environment. Different alcantara suede on the Recaro seats, steering wheels, etc and better leather trim and nicer console mounted shifters. With cars like these, you’d never need a V8. Once that happens, Ford can then drop the 3.0L Ecoboost V6 into the Bronco and the Ranger and have better truck setups, completely drop the 5.0L from the F150 lineup and just focus on the 3.0L ecoboost, the 3.0L Hybrid and the 3.5L Ecoboost setup along with an all-electric F150 Atlas pickup. Not to mention a huge 7.0L Inline-6 twin turbo diesel setup in the Super Duty pickup that dumps out over 1,000lb-ft of torque with nearly 500hp, a 10-speed diesel trans and everything else the truck would need to be a true beast. With a setup like that, Ford would never need a V8 again and performance would live on. Do this, bring out the other electric vehicles, Drop Lincoln, add in the Vignale line to some of the vehicles and there you have it. Ford is back on the map and successful and doing well as it blends into the new world.

    1. Ford Fan

      That all makes sense, but V6’s just ain’t that Murican. I say they need to keep a V8 in their f150/mustang line up.

  2. gareth

    Ford should keep Lincoln as in certain countrys it has renaissance with people far more then Vignale brand has.

  3. Johnny cash

    Might see better numbers with someone thats doesnt have a 5 second reaction time at the tree

    1. Larry B

      Reaction times have no effect on ET and are not included in total time. These numbers provided are strictly ET, no reaction times included. Reaction time is added to ET to determine a combined time only when comparing overall time when racing a competitor. Please don’t mislead those who don’t know like yourself.

  4. Dave Wrench

    I love my coyote f150. Let’s see some numbers pulling a car hauler with my 73 convertible on it.

  5. Kage

    Great idea! But you need to eliminate a few set ups otherwise it eats into profit too much. Some of your set ups are too close together and to charge more to cover cost may not be worth it in the consumer’s mind. Ex. Let say I’m buyer and I’m looking to buy one of these. I’m looking at the base vs 2nd tier up. Dealer says they charge an extra 5k. Ok 5k for 15 hp or so? Nah i will put a tuner on it done deal.

  6. Bil

    I have ‘20 F-150 EcoBoost 3.5, I loooooves it. Not being a stranger to the turbo world, this is my third turbocharged vehicle… before this I had a WRX and still have a turbocharged Mazda Miata 1.6… I’m coming in from a 5.6 V8 Nissan Titan. I loved the torque the V8 had on tap, I didn’t know what to expect from the twin turbo 3.5 V6, but suffice to say I’m not disappointed. It’s got awesome low down power and on stock exhaust it doesn’t sound too bad either. Granted I am going to upgrade the exhaust to get a few more ponies out and make it grunt a bit more. I just don’t know which exhaust yet. Working on the homework for that. I’ll finish up by saying I love my twin turbo EcoBoost V6.

  7. Bil

    Also, I’ll add that Ford should NEVER boot the V8 out. I’m not a displacement junkie, far from it, but I love the sound a V8 has to offer and the feel it puts through the seat of your pants. V8’s should never disappear, ever.

  8. Andrei

    It’s all fun and games until that 5.0 gets some boost of its own…


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