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1970 Ford F-100 Has Been In One Family For 50 Years

The green pickup truck you see in the images here certainly isn’t a show truck, but it’s a clean example of the classic 1970 Ford F-100 that is for sale. These trucks are increasingly desirable, and this vehicle has been in one family since brand-new. The seller says his dad bought the truck in the fall of 1969 and he inherited the truck from his father in 2016.

He says that his father was a master mechanic and kept up with all the maintenance on the truck himself. The 1970 Ford F-100 has a 302 cubic-inch V-8 engine paired up with an automatic transmission. The truck is on the original engine and transmission and still runs well with 91,348 miles on the odometer. The seller says that the odometer has not rolled over.

Four new tires are fitted to the original wheels, and the truck has two of its original hubcaps. While some prefer the short bed version, this particular truck is the long bed. It appears to be mostly stock other than aftermarket side mirrors and a camper shell that can be removed. The seller says the truck is very clean and was never driven in salt or snow.

The truck was stored most of its life under a metal carport, and at some point, the outside of the truck was painted with a brush and spray paint. In the images, the flat green paint looks like it may be primer of some sort. The truck does have air-conditioning and an AM radio, but we aren’t sure if either work as they are not mentioned in the description. This clean truck may be a great base for someone to start a full restoration or build a show truck on. The seller is asking $12,000 for the truck. 1970 was one of our favorite years for Ford cars and trucks, like the rare 1970 Ford Torino Cobra we talked about not long ago.

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  1. Seth Hendley


  2. JohnR

    I have a 1969 F-100 Ranger shortbed that has belonged to three uncles, an aunt, and my grandfather.

    Unfortunately, the original engine and bed were replaced. The truck was a big block from the factory, and one uncle took the engine out for a car. Another uncle bought it and had a late 70s 351W put in it for my grandfather to drive.

    In the 1990s, the original hed, having been destroyed by rust after fertilizer was left in it, was replaced by an early 1980s step side bed. Yesterday, the teenager from across the street and I removed that bed.

    I could go on lol but suffice it to say, the truck is getting a real restoration this time. The last time (1990s, consisting of the replacement bed and a repaint), the work was done by prisoners. It will be done by professionals this time. That does not include yours truly. Haha.

    Overall, the truck is pretty well off. Most of the major rust areas in the cab are clean, with one small hole on the passenger side. Cab mounts, etc, are solid.

  3. Thom

    My first truck was a 69 f 2fidy similar to the one in the article, I bought it from my dad as it was a farm truck & been used & abused on the farm , Dad gave me a good deal. Miss that truck.

  4. Diane

    My husband and I had a 72 f100 360 motor 4 speed on the floor. He bought from his older brother. We had it for a long time till my brother in law totaled it while we was in the navy. It had not rust on it and was in the process of being repainted candy apple red instead of the orange color it was. I miss that truck daily. Our made us each a model of it. Some day soon I hope to surprise my husband with another one. Maybe our 40th wedding anniversary next year

  5. Tom Wood

    I own a 1972 f250 2wheel drive 3rd owner 98000 miles, 390 4 speed all glass good everything works. Put a lot of attention to engine, rebuilt carburetor new water pump distributer. I’ve taken this truck to top of the wind River mountains where all we seen was side by sides and so on the look on others faces was great. How did you get that truck up here? Well it’s a Ford post rack, done need 4X4. Love this truck never go on a elk hunt without it.

    1. Kristy Segraves

      I now own the 70 model long bed ranger my uncle bought new. It has the 390 3 on the tree with factory OD. All original 34000 miles.

  6. Burns

    Is this still for sale? Looks like it’s an absolutely beautiful vehicle. And if so, where.


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