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1986 Ford RS200 Expected To Fetch Over $290,000

When it comes to iconic European only Ford cars, the top of the heap for most is the 1986 Ford RS200. An exceptionally clean version of the 1986 Ford RS200 is up for sale via Silverstone Auctions in the UK, and the car is gorgeous. The auction house estimates that the car will sell for between $227,000 and $290,000.

This RS200 is very low miles, with only 1,195 miles on the odometer. It’s finished in Diamond White with an upgraded interior with red seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The seller says that it was a late production road car at 184 of the 200-unit production run. It was registered in 1993 and appears to be extremely clean and original.

The car is thought to be one of less than half a dozen left in the world with such low mileage. RS200 cars were built to meet FIA Homologation rules for Group B rally racing, which required at least 200 units to be built. Ford built exactly that number. Six of the cars were classified as prototypes, with only 194 of them leaving the factory.

Of those that left the factory, reports indicate 46 were disassembled for use as spares. Only 90 of the RS200 cars were converted and sold as road cars according to Silverstone. The original owner of this car was Ronald Hodgson, a dealer who kept it in the showroom unused and unregistered until 1993. Hodgson registered the car when the registration number L200RS became available. The car is so original it still sits on the original factory tires. With the car having sat most of its life, we wonder what damage might be lurking inside the engine from non-use. Whoever buys it will likely not care, it will just sit in a garage somewhere. Listen to this 1984 RS200 Evo wail on the race course.

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Source: Silverstone Auctions

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. vbondjr1

    I know this is going to be a lot to read, but Ford’s overseas cars were/are so much better than the American ones. I look at vehicles like the Puma, THE REAL FOCUS RS, the RS200, the Mondeo (Fusion), the Falcon, the the Everest, the Ranger, and even older vehicles like the Sierra Cosworth, the MK3 Capri and a list goes on and wonder why Ford decided not to bring vehicles like that here if they were everywhere else in the world? Granted we have a few decent vehicles over here such as the new CD6 platform Explorer, and the F-Series pickups, but Ford could have done/could do so much better than what they are doing right not.
    You figure, vehicles like the European cars, don’t have the same expectations as the American ones where they’ve “Gotta have a v8!” Most of these cars (minus the Falcon & the MK3 Capri) were cars with high performance 4 and 6 cylinder engines. Ford has a plethora of high performance V6 engines that could easily be put under modern versions of any of these cars and presented on a global platform. Not to mention hybrid power trains as well.
    Let’s say for a moment that Ford completely dropped the high performance gasoline engine from it’s lineup. The 460hp/420tq 5.0L, the 526hp/429tq 5.2L Flat Crank V8 and the 760hp/625tq 5.2L Supercharged V8. As it currently stands, the 3.5L Ecoboost V6 comes in two high performance variants, the 450hp/510tq version in the raptor and the 647hp/550tq version in the GT super car, the 3.0L Ecoboost in standard form pumps out 400hp/415tq and in Hybrid version it pushes 494hp/630tq. Minus the raw and entoxicating sound of the V8, these sub 4-liter engines make more nearly as much and in some cases more power than the Ford V8 engines and honestly more than a lot of other American V8 muscle cars. The 2.3L Ecoboost in top trim makes 350hp/350tq, for comparison, the 5.7L Hemi V8 in the Charger R/T makes 370hp/395tq, a difference of 20hp and 45lb-ft of torque all in a much heavier car. With this being the case, why do we need the V8? Sound? There are plenty of V6 and four cylinder cars that sound Amazing. The Subaru STI is an amazing sounding 4-cylinder and cars like the Nissan GTR (or anything with a Nissan VQ series V6) and the Acura NSX (which is a V6 hybrid) sound really good along with a list of other V6 performance vehicles, the problem is the exhaust systems on the Ford vehicles sound like trash. Inline-4 cylinder cars need unequal length tubular exhaust manifolds to sound good but since Ford went with an integrated cylinder head design, the only other option would be to give the 4-cylinder cars a Cross plane crankshaft (like what Yamaha has done with the R1 supersport motorcycle and since Ford and Yamaha have a long standing relationship with each other, why not? The Ford GT sounds fairly decent as well but it has tubular manifolds and a titanium exhaust ( i believe from Akrapovic). I know Ford has a long standing relationship with Borla for it’s exhaust upgrades but it’s time to start moving in a new direction since the cars are moving in a new direction. Another thing too is that with the new engines and stuff Ford has been coming out with, it’s time the the Ford Performance catalog evolve from all of the Pushrod V8 stuff to more Ecoboost stuff. Ford Performance has already partnered with Mountune but there are a lot of other performance companies out there that specialize in turbocharged performance such as GReddy, HKS, Cobb, Whiteline, Xforce exhaust, AWE and the list goes on. Not to mention styling upgrades from companies such as ROH, BBS, OZ, Dymag, Sparco, etc. If ford is truly focusing on a global presence, it’s time to start utilizing modern, global companies.
    Instead of worrying about bringing back old names like the Bronco, and keeping the mustang coupe around (this way people can stop being upset about the lack of V8 engines) I say, let the Mustang coupe ride off into the sunset, Keep the Mustang Mach-E, add performance electric variants to that vehicle with styling that keeps the mustang heritage going, Remodel the Ranger and the Everest as the off-road performance vehicles, skip the Bronco and rename the F150 to the Ford Atlas, while keeping the Larger F-Series pickup trucks on the road. Bring out another Electric performance vehicle, the Ford EVOS so now Ford has two Electric performance vehicles on it’s roster, then Bring out the Ford Atlas as a modern version of the F150 with Ecoboost and Ecoboost Hybrid powertrains along with a fully Electric variant to do battle with the new Hummer’s ridiculous power numbers. Honestly, with those kinds of performance numbers that the new Hummer is putting out. If Ford could rival those numbers, there would be no need for Diesel engines. I still feel that vehicles like these need sound to them, something organic that compliments the strength of these vehicles and gives them personality so the owner can feel the connection to the vehicle. Since the CD6 platform is a Modular platform, Ford could bring out a RWD based Sierra, Capri coupe, Falcon sedan and Explorer SUV, a FWD based Escort replacing the Focus and bringing the Escort RS to the states with AWD and a high performance 2.3L and a Mid engine RS200 Hybrid sports car to battle vehicles like Porsche and even to an extent, the new Corvette. The Puma should be the replacement ford the Focus including ST and RS Models while the Ecosport would replace the Fiesta with an added ST model.
    The last thing that would seriously help Ford would be to kill off the Lincoln brand and replace it with the Vignale trim on certain Ford vehicles (Expedition, Explorer, Edge, Mach-E, EVOS) Give them Black Label equipment just with the Ford Brand and Ford would save so much time and money. Doing all of this gives Ford a completely global presence, allows for performance cars, Electric vehicles, trucks and regular vehicles, gives a smaller carbon footprint with more electric vehicles and smaller displacement engines, cuts down the amount of platforms needed and allows Ford to be way more competitive in different markets

  2. Dave Mathers

    I remember the Group B rally cars from back in the 80s and they were insanely fast. This bad boy could probably still challenge today’s bad-*ss factory hot rods.

  3. Mike

    I had one of these in my garage for 6 months. Same color combo with 1800km on it. Just holding it for a friend but I wanted it so bad.
    America has great Fords also. Europe just had better little cars. Cars Americans won’t spend a lot of money on.

  4. MarkV

    Instead of doing something stupid like killing off Lincoln, why not create a sub brand with to boost image. Lincoln – Vignale could add some sophistication to the brand being Ford let it shrivel on the vine for the last 20 years or so with nothing more than fancy fords. What is Lincoln planning to battle the Ultra Lux Cadillac Celestiq??? Ghia used to influence many design themes for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln from the 1970’s through early 1990’s. Sad the design house is no longer in business. Fomoco lacks in the design department currently. Design was so much better for Ford, Lincoln and mercury in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Jack Telnack influenced such great designs in that period.


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